Battle Bots are normally pretty cool, and I've always been wanting to make one and thought I'd have my go in making a mini one. This is not exactly a great bot, but will actually work and especially good for like a first time type thing. It's really easy, not awesome but easy.

This is also my first instructable and also I've already created it, so I kind of have to show you what I have, and can't really show the steps very well
But hope its still okay

Also I made this while I was kind of tired so some things might not make too much sense.

Step 1: Materials

A fair few materials is needed for making this project most of which can be found at home, or a lot I've just bought from eBay at a fairly cheap price.

Motor (around 12 volts)
small saw blade
lots of wires
2 hacked servos (there are many instructables on hacking these on the net)
6 volt battery clip
12 volt battery clip
aluminum sheet
small screws
small bolts
radio receiver
radio transmitter
2 hinges

preferably a drill or mini dremel tool
Tin snips
screw drivers
pop rivets with some rivets
<p>I added a flamethrower to mine! To make it I went to <a href="https://www.instructables.com/How-to-make-a-flamethrowing-Jack-O-Lantern/." rel="nofollow"> www.instructables.com/How-to-make-a-flamethrowing...</a> I just removed the pumpkin.</p>
Ya I tries one and it took three tries to cut a paint stirrer in half ,but would you be able to help out with a rc flamethrower attachment?
Yeah its a bit like that, takes a few cuts, but it does go through, guess the biggest problem is keeping everything small makes it hard to make a strong enough cutting tool.<br>A flamethrower attachment would be heaps awesome as to have on the RC car, I would be happy to help as much as I can although I will admit I'm not too great at this.<br>I would probably suggest trying to keep it simple by using something like the usual spray can an lighter type thing, even if you tried something like this instructable<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-flamethrower-out-of-a-Axe-can/<br>and just adding an un-hacked servo to press the spray can bottle down to start the flamethrower.<br>It will mean you'll need an extra channel on the radios though<br>
<p>For the flamethrower there is an instructable for that at www.instructables.com/Id/How-to-make-a-flamethrowing-Jack-O-Lantern/?ALLSTEPS</p>
<p>I have been wanting to make my own battlebot, but I don't have the proper equipment</p>
<p>how can you conect a xbox360 controler</p>
<p>and i can't find a servo that is the right size</p>
<p>is there a place i can buy a hacked servo?</p>
If you're going to use that in a fight, I highly reccommend covering the sides. As it is right now, a competitor could easily cut through your motors. Otherwise, a great bot! Thanks for posting.
how could you make the robot steer and drive?<br>
hii, as the saw is connected straight to the battery with a switch once the switch is turned on, the saw will always run full time unless the switch is turned off or battery runs out.<br>The steering is a little weird, how it works is one servo is connected to the trigger while the other is connected to the steering part. so having both on full will make the bot go forwards, while having only one full while the other stopped or not as much, will make the bot turn in that direction since only one wheel will be turning.<br><br>Its a bit different to normal bots but it made the build so much simpler
and can u make the saw run full time?<br>
Would the motor be strong enough to power the saw blade so that it can cut through wood or thin metals? If so where do you get one?
Hi, unfortunately not really, i have tested it on an aluminum cans an it does cut it but the blade I used is fairly thick, and the motor has not much torque so it slows to a stop fairly quickly.<br>I would probably recommend trying a different motor or at least some sort of gearing for it, but that does make things a little less simple. <br>I would say try testing out a drill motor as I would guess it would work best, especially an old or broken portable one.<br>You could also try a hair dyer motor as I hear there good but never tried one.<br>Hope this help if you find one that works great, It would be great if you post about it<br>Thanks :D
Can I please ask for the dimensions of this robot?
Sure man umm from the side view<br> just the chassis is about 21 cm wide and height of about 7.5 cm<br> although full height with the blade and wheels come to about 12 cm with I think is the depth to be about 10 cm<br> Hope this helps<br> Thanks<br>
<br> This is a nice build, you've got a smaller version of some of these heavyweight 'bots.<br> If you're fighting with this, what is the defensive strategy to protect the wheels? They look vulnerable.<br> <br> L<br>
Thanks, that's what I was looking for to make a smaller version of the bigger bots. <br>Since it's using servos its pretty slow, so the defense on the wheels are fairly low except for pretty much trying not to get it hit. Changing the wheels to something stronger might be a better idea, although in later builds I might flip the servos around so that the wheels are inside the body and then that way it should be a lot less vulnerable.

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