Step 1: To Do Such Gas-jet You Need!!!

With the turned on blowing the gas-jet has a good heating power, it can set alight a plumbeous pellet in a few seconds (up to 1000ºС)!

Step 2: Step and Step How to Make!!!

Step 3: In Conclusion I'd Like to Say: This Gas-jet May Be Improved by Installing an Ergonomical (pistol) Handle and Add the Piezoelectric Element for Lighters for the Facilitation of Firing.

Step 4: Voila - Gas-jet (up to 1000ºC)

<p>Wish you could flag pointlessness on Instructables. This tells you nothing, shows you nothing, and I can't understand half the text!</p>
You're soldering something that can reach 1000 degrees?...
Could make a nice jewelers torch.
Perhaps some words to explain the building process?

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