How to Make a Mini Survival Kit





Introduction: How to Make a Mini Survival Kit

Today will make a mini survival kit. we will use home found supplies.

*Update* i will be making a more extensive survival kit using some training I have aquired thanks and leave suggestions below for the new survival kit thank you very much.

Step 1: Suplies

Rope x4
small pouch with multiple pockets
bio freeze
tooth paste (removes itch)
flash light
+ whatever you want

Step 2: Toothpaste Away

put tooth paste in pouch

Step 3: Medical Attention

put bio freeze+band-aids in small tin

Step 4: Rope Away

put rope in pouch

Step 5: Tin Away

put tin in pouch

Step 6: Knife Away

put knife in pouch

Step 7: Carabiner

clip on carabiner

Step 8: Flash Light

put flash light in pouch

Step 9: Thanks for Looking

this is my first ible



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    Fire, you need fire - matches?


    Pyromaniac! :)  It's not cool to play with matches...
      Least it wasn't a Zombie Survival Kit.  What you pack, kind of depends on where you are going/doing.  Would be nice if people included the purpose, for which the kit was created, like hunting, hiking, fishing, walking to school (through the bad neighborhood), walking the dog, spending the night at a girlfriends house...

    Yes, very good points.
    But, one primary basic of survival is fire. Without that you're going to struggle in the open. Interesting that this one doesn't include fishing-kit, but that's geographically restricted. I don't see the use of a carabiner with the amount of rope you could fit in that tin.


    its an urban survuval kit and when you live in trentot rope is useful

    i am still in shock that lemonie looked at my instructable

    :D Was this by any chance a vague reference to "The Fifth Element?"

    No, but maybe I was thinking in the same way?


    Ha and made one of your stove to go with my altiods tin spice kit

    sorry forgot to mention its a urban survival kit