How to Make a Mini Tesla Coil 9V





Introduction: How to Make a Mini Tesla Coil 9V

In today's video I'll show you a great idea, a long awaited video about how to make a Tesla coil at the minimal expenses. It's very easily to make a Tesla coil at home. I hope you will make it without any problems after watching this video.


Step 2: Photo Instruction

Step 3: Photo Instruction

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2 Questions

I did made it but its not working can someone help me

what are those green and white things?


omg people, you can NOT make a tesla coil with DC power unless you create an oscillator. You don't create oscillators without feedback system and capacitors. Want a tesla coil? Use AC power. This circuit is a scam. You can NOT induce a voltage is the secondary coil without alternating current on the primary current. That is why all these comments are saying "Why this no work waaah?"

it did not work for some reason that I do not know even thow I have a perfect circuit that worked fine but it has to do with coil, your coil might be in effective. but I made it.

It doesn't works . Pls check my circuit! I m uploading photo


Mine no work either. humf. kinda disappointed, I need it to work for a school project that is due VERY SOON.

I can't get it to work. My Dad switched the 2222A transistor to different transistors, should I make sure I use a 2222A transistor? I can't find one, we have looked all over the place. Should I order one online?

Where's the material list?

What resistor u have used and can i get a shock if i touch the upper end of copper wire? Moreover is there any damage from the high frequency?