In today's video I'll show you a great idea, a long awaited video about how to make a Tesla coil at the minimal expenses. It's very easily to make a Tesla coil at home. I hope you will make it without any problems after watching this video.


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It doesn't works . Pls check my circuit! I m uploading photo
<p>Mine no work either. humf. kinda disappointed, I need it to work for a school project that is due VERY SOON. </p>
<p>I can't get it to work. My Dad switched the 2222A transistor to different transistors, should I make sure I use a 2222A transistor? I can't find one, we have looked all over the place. Should I order one online?</p>
<p>Where's the material list?</p>
Help me
<p>first u kill me </p>
What resistor u have used and can i get a shock if i touch the upper end of copper wire? Moreover is there any damage from the high frequency?
<p>hi I just got to know something ur very very very very sensitive baby????????????????????????????</p>
No u wont get shock..<br>N the resistance is 22k
<p>oui. there is no damage of high frequency: but it is about current which flows through the tesla</p>
I have tried this exactly according to the video and IT DOES NOT WORK!!! <br>Tell me what should I do.........<br>I used <br>Transistor 2N2222A <br>Resistance 22k<br>Battery ? 9v<br>And i did winding of. 275 turns and 3 turns
<p>Hello friends</p><p>I made Tesla coil with a similar manner which works fine but has a small defect.</p><p>When I approach a lamp to the coil, the lamp lights but if I leave it there the lighting lasts only for 50 second max and then fades away.</p><p>I have to close the circuit for some time and open it again to make it light again.</p><p>Can you help me with this problem?</p><p>I used a BD135 transistor, 9V battery, 6 turns primary coil, 2000 turns secondary.</p><p>Thanks for your help</p>
<p>what is the size of the secondary winding</p>
Any one can explain me how it's working?
I made it just not the way the did.<br>
<p>what should be the watt of 22k resistor</p>
Ive tried this exactly according to the video AND with different connections and IT DOES NOT WORK!!! Big waste of time and money! Don't even bother trying it.<br>
What changes should I do if i want a mini tesla coil that could light a tube light from 30cm away
<p>Is this transistor is right?? ?</p>
What is the value of ya resistance
<p>Has anyone got this to work?</p>
<p>Remember to keep your cellphones, sdcards and any other electronic device u love FAR AWAY from these Tesla Coils. </p>
<p>I did as per the instructions but it is not working. Plz help.</p>
<p>can you please write down the needed materials for this projects<br>i can't understand the materials needed</p>
How can connect it to a ac adapter of 24v and 2.5ma .
Help me
<p>what if I had used a 24 AWG wire to make secondary coil.</p><p>Will it work ???</p><p>If it works then how will it affect my result.</p>
<p>there are no schematics,,,etc i really cannot understand much with this images</p><p>but nevertheless, it is good</p>
<p>thanks for the warning mbm9000.</p>

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