I have always admired mini bottle charms and wanted to own one. So I ended up making my own little bottle charm.!
Here i used bottle of car's air freshener because I could not find mini bottles at any shop in my place. And it turned out super cute! ;)

Step 1: Get a Miniature Bottle.

Here I have used car air freshener's empty bottle. (Godrej aer car air freshener)

Step 2: Things You Will Need

  1. Miniature glass bottle.
  2. Glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Shells and some beads.
  5. Eye pin
  6. Coloured Thread

Step 3: Clean Your Bottle

Clean the bottle using soap and hot water and cut off the tube inside.

Step 4: Select the Items to Fill Your Bottle

Select the shells and the beads you want to fill your bottle with.

Step 5: Fill Your Bottle With Shells and Coloured Beads.

Step 6: Put Coloured Thread Around the Neck of Your Bottle.

First apply some glue and then put the thread around the neck of your bottle.

Step 7: Cover the Bottle With the Cap.

Step 8: Put Your Eye Pin.

If you have trouble putting the eye pin in then take a needle to make a small hole to make is easier. Glue the eye pin on with glue.

Step 9: Your Charm Is Ready! :)

Wow so adorable! I just can't get a small bottle!
<p>Thank you! :) And check this out - http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Wholesale-100pcs-lot-3ml-amber-small-glass-bottles-with-corks-mini-sample-glass-vials-with-cork/866542677.html</p>
<p>So simple and cute! Have you made a wish on it yet?</p>
<p>Thank you :) yes i have made a wish on it ;)</p>

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