This is an instructable that shows you how to make a simple bow and arrow out of everyday items you can find around the home or office.

1 bic pen
1 paperclip
1 rubber band
needle nose plyers

note:i dont have a camera so i had to draw the pictures so if you dont get them im sorry.

Step 1: Straighten the Paperclip

Use the needle nose pliers to straighten the paperclip

Step 2: Take Apart the Pen

take apart the pen and discard the barrel and keep the front of the pen and the ink

Step 3: Take Apart the Ink/front of Pen

take apart the pieces of the pen you kept. the ink should slide out the front of the pen tip

Step 4: Attach the Pen Tip to the Paperclip

bend the paperclip so it looks like a bow and tape the pen tip to the front and bend the ends of the
paperclip so they make hooks.

Step 5: Tie the Rubberband to the Paperclip

break the rubberband in half and tie it to each end of the paperclip then bend the hooks down

Step 6: Finnished!

now all you have to do is put the ink in the front hole pull back on the rubber band and watch it fly!
thanks man.....what are the other guys yelling about? I can understand the pictures fine.....please make a toothpick shooter....thanks
lol thanks lol.................liar j/k
The graphics of your pics are AMAZING!!!

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