How to Make a Mini Electric Shocker





Introduction: How to Make a Mini Electric Shocker

In this long-awaited video I will tell you how to make a mini electric shocker with your own hands at home!
With the help of such mini shocker you will be able to scare annoying cat from the neighborhood with ease or play some joke on your friends! Hand made mini shocker isn't dangerous and it won't kill anyone, but you may scare someone with it very well).

Step 1: And Such a Hand Made Shocker We Can Make at Home Easily. We Need the Following:

We need the following:
One paper clip
- Electric piezoelectric lighter for the gas stove.
- A figured screwdriver
- Glue pistol
- A piece of web of a hacksaw
- Solderer
- Flux
- Tin metal.

Step 2: That's All, We Have Got Such a Mini Electric Shocker Made With Our Own Hands at Home.

Step 3: Voila - a Mini Electric Shocker!!!

Process of manufacture - “How to make it with your own hands” on the video :)



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    you will be able to see the voltage if you try it on yourself first !