In this Instructable i will show you how to make a home made art easel. 

Step 1: Materials

you will need:
a saw
a drill
a dowel
a long wood thing
meat string(or any other string or a chain
wood glue
wood staples(or similar) 
<p>Simple &amp; cheap with a bit of elbow grease. Nice. I've made it it but have not posted the pic yet. </p>
<p>Great, simple, functional design. Thanks!</p>
<p>How big/think is the dowel rod? How long is the dowel rod? Thanks. I can't wait to make one.</p>
hey..i just made this and was going to do an instructable...just thought to check if anyone has done it ....and ...then...yeah....you have :-)
Just make an 'able any way!! <br>
Very cute! I bet these would look awesome on a desk.
Hey this is very cool! There have been times a little easel could have been super handy for me! Nice 'able!

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