How to Make a Mini Home Made Art Easel in 20 Min





Introduction: How to Make a Mini Home Made Art Easel in 20 Min

In this Instructable i will show you how to make a home made art easel. 

Step 1: Materials

you will need:
a saw
a drill
a dowel
a long wood thing
meat string(or any other string or a chain
wood glue
wood staples(or similar) 

Step 2: Cutting

first cut 4 pieces of wood 2x11, 1x9.5 inches and 1 9 inches
next drill 2 diagonal holes in the 11 inch pieces about 2 inches from the top
then drill a straight hole in the 9.5 inch piece just less than 1 inch from the top

Step 3: Assembly

First put in the wood staple anywhere along the shorter piece of wood on the side that hasn't been drilled
Then put the dowel through the hole in the shorter piece of wood (do not glue this, this is the hinge)
Put glue on both sides of the dowel and glue on the side pieces so the start closer together at the top and finish further apart
Then get the 9 inch piece and put a wood staple on the 4.5 inch mark (the middle) 
Now glue this piece to the two outer legs with the staple facing towards the small, inner leg
The last step is to get the meat string and tie it to the two staples so the inner leg doesn't go too far back or too far forward

Step 4: Finished

??? (title explains it all)
my dowel was a bit wonky but at least it works, I was surprised by how easy it was to make such a professional looking and functional art easel.



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Simple & cheap with a bit of elbow grease. Nice. I've made it it but have not posted the pic yet.

How big/think is the dowel rod? How long is the dowel rod? Thanks. I can't wait to make one.

hey..i just made this and was going to do an instructable...just thought to check if anyone has done it ....and have :-)

Very cute! I bet these would look awesome on a desk.

Hey this is very cool! There have been times a little easel could have been super handy for me! Nice 'able!