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I am going to show you how to make a pocket sized slingshot for shooting small rocks, wads of paper, or airsoft pellets. Depending on what rubber bands you use, use caution when shooting people's eyes. Or dont, because hey, what are they gonna do? You're the one with the slingshot >:D

Step 1: Tools / Supplies

Picture of Tools / Supplies

Hedge clippers/ or saw = to cut the stick

Thick rubber band = to shoot

Two regular rubberbands = to hold the shooting band onto the stick

Knife = to cut off bark and to cut the thick rubber band.

Sand paper= optional. To sand the stick
Dawson4742 years ago
The_Tinker2 years ago
I like this one. It's nice and little, like a true slingshot.
zglynn3 years ago
if no rubber band use old underwear waistband
challenge accepted
I've found that a broken rubber band from some Moon Shoes works best. It's elastic enough and you can cut it to size if your stick is too small.
lemonie5 years ago
That's very nice, in the classical school-boy style.

LoneWolf5 years ago
Awesome, Nice job :)..................I'm sure I could find a reason to use this instructable >:)