The parts you need are:
3 Capacitors (from 470uF to 4700uF, each),
a 2N3904 transistor,
a 2N3906 transistor,
a resistor(1k to 10k ohm),
a solar cell (minimum 3 volts )(i used two 2 volt cells in series),
a pager motor(or a vibrator).
you'll also need a blinking/flashing LED (FLED ).

to help you, i have made a, very easy to follow , schematic of the circuit, which can be found on http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/052/a/f/FLED_circuit_by_kattejuice.jpg
<p>Well, it isn't really a robot, but I made something similar. Instead of a motor, I decided to make it an instrument. I was definitely inspired by BEAM robots like this though!</p>
<p>Yours look amazing!</p><p>And yeah, most beam robots aren't robots by definition at all, but people like to call them so just to simplify electric moving objects, like &quot;bristlebots&quot;.</p>
nice cool
i build one but i didin't work, the fled is flashing but motor dont turn, when i disconnect the resistor the motor turns then i put it back and away and the motor turns again<br><br>could you help me??!!<br><br>Stephan
great 'ible and choice of music!
is the led a rerulaer led or is it the flashing type? or by flashing led do u mean it flashes ? geat vid i whant one! :D
&quot;F&quot;LED F = flashing yes flashing LED good luck making one :D
ok thanks i wasnt sure
very good instructable.<br />
&nbsp;Great 'ible. Very clear instructions, and video was well edited an to the point. Keep it up!
well, thank you! :)<br />

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