video How to make a mini solar robot!
The parts you need are:
3 Capacitors (from 470uF to 4700uF, each),
a 2N3904 transistor,
a 2N3906 transistor,
a resistor(1k to 10k ohm),
a solar cell (minimum 3 volts )(i used two 2 volt cells in series),
a pager motor(or a vibrator).
you'll also need a blinking/flashing LED (FLED ).

to help you, i have made a, very easy to follow , schematic of the circuit, which can be found on http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/052/a/f/FLED_circuit_by_kattejuice.jpg
organicelectrics made it!1 year ago

Well, it isn't really a robot, but I made something similar. Instead of a motor, I decided to make it an instrument. I was definitely inspired by BEAM robots like this though!

peterjacob (author)  organicelectrics1 year ago

Yours look amazing!

And yeah, most beam robots aren't robots by definition at all, but people like to call them so just to simplify electric moving objects, like "bristlebots".

RAYMOND VON2 years ago
nice cool
i build one but i didin't work, the fled is flashing but motor dont turn, when i disconnect the resistor the motor turns then i put it back and away and the motor turns again

could you help me??!!

koduor4 years ago
Kirbsome!5 years ago
great 'ible and choice of music!
is the led a rerulaer led or is it the flashing type? or by flashing led do u mean it flashes ? geat vid i whant one! :D
peterjacob (author)  coilsinamotor5 years ago
"F"LED F = flashing yes flashing LED good luck making one :D
ok thanks i wasnt sure
imakethings5 years ago
very good instructable.
nadav5 years ago
 Great 'ible. Very clear instructions, and video was well edited an to the point. Keep it up!
peterjacob (author)  nadav5 years ago
well, thank you! :)