Picture of How to make a mini spud gun from a fish food container!!!

Hi Im going to show you how to make a mini spud gun from an empty fish food container and some pvc pipe.

This spud gun is fun because it is very powerful for its size and you cant break things like you would with a big one. Hope this helps!! Enjoy.

Step 1: What you need

What you will need:

# Drill
# caulking gun
# Saw

#Empty fish food container
#pvc pipe.
#Electronic light lighter 
Domy51002 years ago
Really cool going to try it out :)
Blo0dZsTa3 years ago
NICE! looks fun haha should shove a sinker down it ;).
Good idea! thats really simple. how far does it shoot?
pac-man (author)  awesome forger3 years ago
Not sure exactly but mine shoots easily over 20m.