How to Make a Mini Survival Kit


Introduction: How to Make a Mini Survival Kit

This is my first Instructable so any usefull comment will be appreciated. Hope you enjoy this easy project.

Step 1: Supplies

1 Match box
1 Section of 10ft of fishing line
1 Mini multi tool (mine is made by craftsman)
Some DRY card stalk
1 button compass
1 bottle of mini cologne (now before you make dumb comments about why I'm adding cologne i'll tell you why. Because cologne has alchol in it and it burns very well when applied to paper)
A section of cellophane (make sure that it is big enough to completely cover the matchbook and card stalk)


1-3 hooks for fishing (I didn't add them cause fishing when your trying to survive is pointless)

Step 2: Putting It All Together!

1. First I added the matchbook and card stalk (covered in cellophane) with the multi tool
2. Then I added the cologne
3. Then the fishing line
4. Finally the button compass
5. Go and get lost and use your imagination to survive!

Sorry about the poor quality of the pics I took them off of my web cam.



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    YOU NEED A BIC LIGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR A MINI ZIPPO LIGHTER AND TIN FOIL

    Fishing when you are trying to survive is pointless??  There are a lot of things missing from your kit.....Maybe water proof matches would be a better item to have.

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    At current i don't have any waterproof matches and i was mainly making the kit with my knowledge of survival and i was also making this for a winter condition although thanks for the comment

    Ha ha ha, no way, that's still an awesome kit. Cool instructable, semper fi.

    thanks you a future or current marine?

    Ahhh im a future after collage im headed to boot then gonna work my way to flying  cobras "semper fi do or die" i live by it!

    That's awesome, congrat's!

    Cobras, man, total life savers, hahaha. Well good luck with everything. If you have any questions about life in the Corps, don't hesitate to ask!

    Take care.