How to Make a Mini Table Stove


Introduction: How to Make a Mini Table Stove


In today's video I'll show you a brilliant idea of how to make a mini table stove.

Step 1:

This invention won't leave your stomach without hot or warm food. You can't cook a lot of dishes on the hand-made table stove, but you can still your hunger on 100 per cent.

Step 2:

Now you can work at computer or workshop without hurry while some delicious food is being prepared.

Step 3:

Make a hand-made mini table stove and turn cooking in a pleasant entertainment.



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    This is cool! The only thing that I worry about is are those lids food safe under heat? Or do you think they let off any toxins when heated up?

    2 replies

    It's toxic, don't use a lid from those conservefood cans. They have a plastic layer on the inside to avoid corrosion of the metal

    It seems food is in contact with the top of the lid not inside. Is the top just some kind of metal?