Picture of How to make a minon costume
This was a huge success & pretty easy to make.  Here is what you will need.

1 Hot glue gun
1 Exacto knife
2 yards of 1" foam rubber
2 yards of yellow fabric
2 yards of denim fabric
1 roll of metal flashing.
2 Large black buttons
Black duct tape
white acrylic paint
red acrylic paint
8 domed shaped buttons
1 small sheet of plexi glass
2 black gloves
2 black boots
1 awesome boyfriend to dress as gru!
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Step 1: Step 1 - Buliding the basic structure

Picture of Step 1 - Buliding the basic structure
First I decided that i was going to use 1 inch foam rubber.  You can find this in any upholstery store.  I bought 2 yards for $20.00.  Initally I wanted a cream or yellow foam but this is what they had on sale.  Glad i went with the black because it forced me to have to cover the costume.  I cut the foam at 4ft x 6ft and rolled it into a tube and hot glued the ends.  I cut the dome shaped top by slicing a pie and bending and gluing the pieces together.  Measuring myself i cut an eye hole and arm holes.

Step 2: Step 2 - Trying it on for fit

Picture of Step 2 - Trying it on for fit
Simple as that.  Try it on for fit.  At this time I knew the costume was too long for my short body. lol.  I had to cut it down so it would hit my mid thigh.  I purchased a big flashlight from the dollar store and thought that would work for the goggle, but a as you will see it was to small.