How to Make a Mold From a Skull





Introduction: How to Make a Mold From a Skull

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A quick run-through on the process used to make a plaster mold from a skull, and then a couple casts from it. The technique shown comes from "The Prop Builder's Molding & Casting Handbook" by Thurston James. Look it up on Amazon, it's a great book.



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    Would this method be good for an actual skull though? I want to make a mold of a deer skull, complete with the antlers, for a project of mine.

    Nice. I made a mold from a skull shift knob using "Mold Builder Liquid Latex". You just paint it on in layers. You have to let each layer dry thoroughly, and it does take awhile to finally cure. However, once it is cured, it's pretty tough. I've made a couple castings and I'm sure it'll last for a bunch more.

    What kind of liquid soap did you use? I've only used vaseline, but I'd like to try out other releasing agents and see what's most effective.

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    Just your average cheap liquid hand soap. If you want specifics it was "Kroger brand Antibacterial Hand Soap with Conditioners" purchased at Fry's Food. :) I was going to use vaseline but didn't have any on hand. The vaseline probably works better overall, but soap goes on easier and thinner.

    Nice job! These are really good molds. I checked out that book and I think I might get it. 5 stars and favorited.