Here I will be showing you how to make a shirt from a dallar bill. This is NOT one you can wear. Oh and if any pics are fuzzy, I apologize cuz my mom took my GOOD camera cuz she's on vacation rite now.

Step 1: Materials

1. one paper bill
2. one(or more) functional brain(s)
3. two ten-fingered functional hands
I apologize if you dont have one of the above.
If that is the case, exit out now.
Because you will not be able to complete this instructable.
Or you could get help.
Either financially, physically, or mentally.
Especially if it's either mentally, or financially.
But if it were financially, you wouldn't be using a computer.
Why are you still reading?
Click step two already.
That wasn't a suggestion.
Do it. NOW.
I get lost with the blurry pics :/

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