How to Make a Motion Gif From a Video File (A Moving Picture)





Introduction: How to Make a Motion Gif From a Video File (A Moving Picture)

In this short instructable I am going to teach you how to make a motion gif from a video file. It is very simple and does not cost a dime. I showing you this because people have asked me many times how I make motion gifs so here is an instructable. If you would like to learn how to convert videos into other file formats you can check out my other instructable.

Here is a sample motion Gif.

Step 1: Materials/Software

Video Clip-
SUPER video Converter software- It is a free program that converts music and video files into other formats.

Step 2: Conversion

After downloading and installing SUPER open up the program. Then drag your video file into the program and select Gif and then click encode. You can look at the pictures for more detailed instructions.

Step 3: Done

Now you should have a motion Gif that you can upload to the internet for your next instructable. The advantages of motion gifs is that they are smaller files then full blown videos but they don't have sound.



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    Thanks for sharing, while another quick way is to use the easy tool "Jing" which can record the screen and output to GIF format.

    it's alright.....I bypassed your link is not good anymore.....I found it somewhere else.....thx

    where did you find it

    The latest version is flagged by AVG as containing a Trojan Downloader. The suspect file is mencoder.exe

    SUPER is just a frontend for mencoder, if mencoder's infected just download a new one from the source, mplayerhq. just overwrite the old mplayer/mencoder files. I used to use super but stopped months ago when i switched to linux. if you, like me, aren't using winblows, you can still do this from the command line with mencoder. (it has versions for winblows, linux, and mac)

    Yeah windows does suck.I run ubuntu, Leopard and xp on this box but mainly use leopard. I did windows to show the majority(xp users). Thanks for the tips! Joe R

    Thank you. I will remove the link. I don't have AVG. I hope I can find a good download site.