How to Make a Moving Origami Ninja Star





Introduction: How to Make a Moving Origami Ninja Star

My first tutorial.

Step 1: Materials

All you need are 8 sticky notes of your liking. In this case I am using blue and yellow.

Step 2: First Fold

To begin, flip your sticky note so the sticky part is sticking to what ever you are doing this on. Make sure the sticky part of the sticky note is on the left side before you start to fold. After you have every thing set up fold down.

Step 3: Corner Folds

Once you have folded down your sticky note, unfold. Grab the upper right and fold down to meet the lower left corner. Unfold to make you sticky note a square, then grab the lower right and fold to the upper left corner.

Step 4: Fold In

Next flip your sticky note over and fold in the sticky sides to the center of the middle crease. After you have done that fold the sticky note upwards.

Step 5: Half Way There

Once you've done that it should look like the first photo in step 5. Push the opposite end in to the inside the stick note until the folder pieces meet. Once you have finished it, it should look like a parelleagram. Continue this proceed till you have eight.

Step 6: Beginning the Pineapple

After you have completed making all 8 pieces you are going to fold some more. Put your starting piece down and between that piece, put your second in. When you finish that it should look like the first picture in step 6. With the edge pieces sticking out fold them into the second piece. Do this process till you only need the last one.

Step 7: Almost Done

Put the last piece in the seventh and fold the sevenths edge pieces into the eighth's. With the eight the edges into the first pieces. Be careful if you force it in there it will completely break apart.

Step 8: Finished

Now carefully push all your pieces in. After you complete that you have successfully made a transforming ninja star.



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I make these all the time heck i made 1 out of 8.5"x11"s and it looked soo cool, but if they are that big they cant be thrown or else they will fall apart.

i made it in my class its awesome!!!!

can u make anything else i tried looking up a swan couldnt find it

Amazing mine has a cute little design on it


Great instructions!

Very nice work for your first instructable. Welcome to the site!