How to Make a Name for Yourself





Introduction: How to Make a Name for Yourself

Couldn't think of a name for my Instructables account and then wrote Instructables on a pad and tried a few anagrams. This is my path of discovery. 

Step 1: What You Need:

A language (English)
Time (infinite) 
Pad and pen
Camera and tripod
Board game (Scrabble)

I chose the letters INSTRUCTABLES

Step 2: The Beginning

Ruminate upon your available letters and write down anything that works. Then you can discard the rubbish.

Step 3: The Thirteen Letters

After a lot of time thinking about and writing down various versions it is time to decide where you are going with 'Instructables'.

Step 4: Prototype

You can try fancy photographic tricks and show all the stages inbetween or as I did skip to the end and show a fine finished result.

Step 5: End Result

Being new to Instructables this seemed like a good idea at the time, it may have been done before, but I like it. 

Step 6: Alternatives

Obviously with 26 letters in the English alphabet you get infinite variation. Here's one I liked a lot, it also seems to fit with Instructables. 

Step 7: This Is the End

Scuttlebrains has been brought to you by 'trust in cables' a 'scrible stunt' production. 



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You helped me unlock the key for making any type of instructable: all you need to do is to CUT (and/or) BLAST (and/or) RINSE/add RESIN.

CUT, BLAST, RINSE. I love it!

From an author who has spent countless hours of her life anagramming...