Picture of How to make a natural pine corner shelf in under 5 min.
Here is another instructable where something unique appears from a little scrap wood!! This 5 min project (Please take your time when working with POWER tools, its not worth your limbs!) didnt cost me a cent!!! Sweet. Enjoy.

Step 1: Find......

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Find a small piece of wood with a natural edge. I like pine because its plentiful and cleans up nice. From the natural edge, come up about an inch or so and mark a 45 deg line. Then flip the square and mark other line.
How do you actually attach it to the wall?

I would love to make something like this in multiple areas but not sure how it wold attach without falling...

Such a cool project! something like this would cost like $30.00 at a home decor store! I've got to try it myself!
nicflic5 years ago
"you're done" not "your done"
 Does it matter? You understood what he meant. What more is language for than that?
durtbikedave (author)  nicflic5 years ago
Grate thanxs..
partytime5 years ago
great! I will make one this weekend.thanks for the instructions. I could beautify my home in my own little way.
Lettucehead5 years ago
That's real cool! I bet you could make a min shelf by attaching more than one to branches...
mowie5 years ago
Cool! too bad i cant afford power tools!
lemonie5 years ago
It looks good, but I'd like to know more about the mounting. I'd think of 900 holes, wall-pugs, mounting brackets, but you drilled ~45o and "pegged" it?

durtbikedave (author)  lemonie5 years ago
The left side is attached with drywall anchor, and the right is pegged. its easier to line up that way but i like fallscrape's idea as well.
Thanks for the details, (fallscrape describes that method well). L
Nice looking shelf, and mallet, too. The first couple of steps look like regular 2x stock. Is the finished shelf from a log slice, or is this all the same wood from start to finish?
durtbikedave (author)  curious_steve5 years ago
yes the finished shelf is different only because i built it before the photos were taken(to show the steps) All these projects came from ponderosa pine cut from grand canyon area then milled through friends milling machine. Stay tuned for more log projects ..it takes me a minute to post all this stuff. Thanx peace
tim_n5 years ago
Works fine for light loads - great instructable. As Lemonie says - it would be better to put in wall plugs so it doesn't tear into plaster. If you put in a couple thin battons on the wall drilled in properly with wall plugs and screws and laid the pine shelf on top (and drill that onto the battons) it'll be as safe as houses.
sgreen5 years ago
Sweet and simple I like it!!!