A nerf H.A.M.P is a really cheep (less than $5) nerf gun that does not use any springs, weights, pulleys, or pumps. The whole gun is made out of stuff you can find at a good hardware store.
I am a beginner at making nerf homemades... so bare with me.


(Optional) scissors
Hacksaw, Dremel, pipe cutter, or anything else that can cleanly cut PVC (NOT CPVC)
Hot glue gun and hot glue
Rubber mallet 
Sand paper
(Optional) Flat, heavy weight
PVC cement (I also used a primer which I highly suggest)
Lazer level (or just use a lazer or a ruler)


Lots of E-Tape (electrical tape)
2" inch PVC about 2 feet
(1) 2'' inch PVC coupler
1.5" inch PVC about 3 feet
1/2" inch PVC about 6 feet
(1) 1/2'' inch PVC ''T"
(2) 90 degree 1/2" inch PVC elbows
As many bushings as it takes to get from 2" inch PVC to 1/2" inch PVC
Nerf darts, Screamers work the best (Streamlines kinda don't work)
Some sort of Plastic/ Tape friendly Lube


Step 1: Body and plunger

Picture of Body and plunger
Cutting the body:

The body (2'' inch PVC) should just be just long enough so your non dominant hand can still stretch forward a good 10 inches (look at the photo)

Plunger cutting:

I used a black 1.5'' inch piece of PVC
Cut on the longer side of your piece of PVC about three fingers down
godoggie4 years ago
Yep Hamps are fun to make. Oh and by the way, it is "High Airflow Manual Plunger". Just FYI. ;-)
woodstockbirdy (author)  godoggie4 years ago
Ohhhhhhhhhh......................... THANKS!!!!

~Z~4 years ago
I always just used a cut piece of pvc.
woodstockbirdy (author)  ~Z~4 years ago
billybenj4 years ago
Just pointing out that there have been many other people who have made HAMPs and that it is not an original idea (i'm not sure if you mentioned this in the write up, sorry if you did) It looks very clean though, great job.
~Z~ billybenj4 years ago
Yeah, what he said.

woodstockbirdy (author)  ~Z~4 years ago
I realise this is not a new design, but I just wanted to make a tutorial for people who are not active on forums (such as nerf haven)
It just seems like you are taking credit. Maybe give Kane some credit.
woodstockbirdy (author)  ~Z~4 years ago
There's a ton of people have created theses not just Kane. I give full credit to them.
Musicman414 years ago
Just a word of advice, try to be concise and to the point. I was turned off by several unrelated pictures, such as the acorn. In fact, I stopped reading it. By putting pictures like these in your instructable, you showed you were not serious about what you were writing about.
woodstockbirdy (author)  Musicman414 years ago
Changed the acorn thing...
woodstockbirdy (author)  Musicman414 years ago
Sorry... I'll keep this in mind.

Thank you for the feed back
wilgubeast4 years ago
The people at Nerf are gonna be furious. This is pretty slick.
woodstockbirdy (author)  wilgubeast4 years ago
Thank for the encouragement! It really helps!
rimar20004 years ago
Good design!
woodstockbirdy (author)  rimar20004 years ago
Thank you!