Picture of How to make a nerf grenade launcher and grenades with NO frisbee!!!
This thing is actually pretty powerful, and can launch a grenade around 15 feet! Really affective in close battles ( I am beast in short hallways!)  I hate the frisbee grenades!!! This thing only cost me $1!

Step 1: Materials needed for grenade launcher and grenade

Dremel with a drill bit slightly larger than a paperclip's diameter
         Use a knife to make a hole is you do not have a dremel
Optional: A friend (makes things a lot easier or it can make you feel like you want to blow their face off!!!)

Film canister (with lid ), I got a bunch from a local pharmacy that processes film for free :) 
Spring; not too strong but not too week, you should be able to compress it with you fingers with only a small amount of effort
Big paper clip (we want length, not strength, but you don't want it too bendy) 
Party popper (Spring type), look at more of my instructables to see how to reset them so you can use them again or again (HINT click on my user name HINT)
Strong paper card that you need to cut up into circles (two or three) that fit inside you film can 
Small bits of cut-up nerf darts (I just used some 1/2 inch FBR (Foam backer rod) from home-depot) or you could use airsoft BB's


Interesting.... Very interesting...

I'll have to try that. Thanks!

Big Baneser2 years ago
What is the blast radius?
gunpro3 years ago
pretty sick idea, im gunna go try that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!