video How to make a newspaper smoke bomb

This is a quick tutorial on how to make a cheap and easy smoke bomb with a common newspaper.

When I clicked at the video it says 'THIS VIDEO DOES'NT EXIST'.

teknohawk7 months ago
Certain metal shaving when burned cause different coloration in the smoke. You can google which type of metal creates which colour of smoke. That's how fireworks take on their colours.
zelback11 year ago
I would also like to know how to color the smoke. I tried using food dye in the mixture, but the trouble with food dye is it stains anything, even, apparently, when it burns. Also, it does not give off the same color smoke as the dye.
suberk2 years ago
How can I colourize smoke?
no offense whats potisum nitrote or whatever its called
nichropulse (author)  EpicCraftMan2 years ago
I am extremely offenderred. Potassium Nitrate (KNO3), a.k.a. saltpeter, potash, or better yit "K-niter", is my favorite all-round runthemill oxydizer. It pervides thee oxygen that makes fuels burn all quick-like and such. Ye might give a gander at ol' Wikipedia fer some good-ol-fashion intreenet time wastin.

And remember, if ye be eatin old meat on a lonsome sundee night, possum nitrote might have prezerved it for ya.
ktpress2 years ago
this is really cool.
i tried it myself i dont think i got the ratio right.
what ratio did you use for water and potassium nitrate?
banlui2 years ago
is this recipe any better than the old kno3+sugar recipe?
i am mainly considering smoke out put, and burn rate.
nichropulse (author)  banlui2 years ago
It's about the same but the smoke is darker (less white colored). I still prefer the KNO3/Sugar.
.Unknown.3 years ago
Is there much danger if you breathe this in?
nichropulse (author)  .Unknown.2 years ago
I don't know, and don't recommend finding out.
jackle132 years ago
does the size of the newspper mater
nichropulse (author)  jackle132 years ago
Not really
hey quick question. how about just soaking the newspaper in the stump remover? is it concentrated enough to burn when it dries?
nichropulse (author)  damascus freak2 years ago
Yes, if the stump remover is mostly KNO3.
jackle132 years ago
sweet ive been looking for a cheap way to make a smoke bomb
manutea3 years ago
Simple & efficient = I like it

thank you your sharing this.
Where can i get Pottassium Nitrate ,Canadian tire,wallmart...??
Any garden center. Ask for "stump remover". It is usually pure potassium nitrate. There are dozens of brands; the following link is just one example. Depending on the size of container, I would expect to cost $5 - $10.