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How to prepare a decent / sorta fancy Italian dinner.

Step 1: Make the Meal

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Make something with pasta. Have a cool appetizer such as mozzarella and tomatoes with basil. Have good Italian bread with dipping sauce.
theophilus5 years ago
the tomato / basil / mozzarela / olive oil stuff is actually called (to my knowledge) caprese salad
kiranshila (author) 6 years ago
yeah I didnt do much but hey, not to shabby for a first instructable, eh?
caitlinsdad6 years ago
Nice start. You could explain a little more about antipasto, intermezzo, and what did you have for dessert? Fruits, nuts, cheese, Italian cookies and pastries? What is the dipping sauce (EVOO/cracked pepper), crushed dried red pepper on the table and no gravy(tomato sauce for the rest of us)?
Agreed, it needs more explanation. Nothing is better than fresh mozzarella Good start