How to Make a Nice Italian Dinner


Introduction: How to Make a Nice Italian Dinner

About: EECS Student at the University of South Florida.

How to prepare a decent / sorta fancy Italian dinner.

Step 1: Make the Meal

Make something with pasta. Have a cool appetizer such as mozzarella and tomatoes with basil. Have good Italian bread with dipping sauce.

Step 2: Set the Scene

Prepare a nice setup with cheese and grater. Have a bread knife readily available for fresh cut bread. Have the appetizer neatly presented. Use nice plates or china. A candle and flowers are always important. So is having the salt and pepper shakers readily available.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Fill the crystal glasses or wine glasses with Italian wine, champagne , or grape juice with club soda. Light the candle. And serve.

Step 4: Enjoy!





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    the tomato / basil / mozzarela / olive oil stuff is actually called (to my knowledge) caprese salad

    yeah I didnt do much but hey, not to shabby for a first instructable, eh?

    Nice start. You could explain a little more about antipasto, intermezzo, and what did you have for dessert? Fruits, nuts, cheese, Italian cookies and pastries? What is the dipping sauce (EVOO/cracked pepper), crushed dried red pepper on the table and no gravy(tomato sauce for the rest of us)?

    1 reply

    Agreed, it needs more explanation. Nothing is better than fresh mozzarella Good start