This is my instructable on how to make a nice life size replica of a kingdom hearts keyblade. This replica can be swung and played with a lot before it will brake. This will also be great for cosplaying. Hope you all like it.  Oh and please leave a comment about what you think.


Step 1: Tools and Items

These are all the tools and items around the house you will need to make your keyblade. The only thing I did not picture is spray paint because you can chose what color you want it to be.

Step 2: Getting the PVC to the Right Size

This is showing you how to get the PVC to the right size. I cut my PVC at 3 feet 8 inches because that is perfect for me and I am 5 feet 11 inches.

Step 3: Teeth

Never mind the measurements on the cardboard. I meant centimeters. I was also half asleep when I did this part. LOL Anyways, this is how to make the teeth for the keyblade.

Step 4: Hand Guards

These are the hand guards. These take the longest to make.

Step 5: Key Chain

This is how to make a key chain for your keyblade.

Step 6: Puting It All Together

This is the last step. After this all you have to do is paint it (which is not included in this instructable. Might make a separate one just on that.). Hope you enjoy your new keyblade.
Hey can you X- blade by combining the two keyblade you make
Couldn't you use foam board instead of card board? It's much more sturdy.
nice.... thanks.... im going to try making a keyblade now... :D
Your welcome.
hey,i read your guide and i love it but i gotta ask,how much is the PVC pipe and how long is the pipe? and can you make rounder hand gaurds or does it not work(i plan on making a heart shaped one for my friend) <br>thank you for taking the time to read this! i need a reponse as quick as you can i plan on making a series with the keyblades.
what did you use to make the curve<br>
whats the total height oh the hand guaards<br>
hey this looks like an awesome tutorial but I can't seem to view the pictures in the hand guard step in a larger size. It seems to work with every other step. I really wish I could make it but I can't view it :(
hey instead of sawing 2 times on the pipe, you can just put the start of the tape measure on the good end. just a suggestion.
My PVC was bent bad so I had to cut twice but yes you are right, you can do that.
about the handguards, what is the exact distance between the two lines? i have a picture below.. can you tell me what are the distances betweem the yellow arrows? (sorry about the bad drawing)
Oh sure no problem... Check out this pic and I hope this helps you.
hey nice keyblade! can u put a drawing of the handguards? cause i dont know how to draw it, your drawing is not that specific...
Thanks a lot. Now, what exactly are you wanting me to do??? I gave all the deminsions for it so you should be able to draw it very easily.
very nice, i shall make this asap :D
Cool. Be sure to put lots of hot glue and tape on so it will make it super sturdy. Within the next few days I should be posting how to paint it if you want to wait for that. Thanks<br />
i'll look next time i can :D
have you made it yet?&nbsp;Just wondering lol
great tutorial :)<br />
Thanks. It means a lot to me to see that other people like my work.
i remember playing that game
yeah, it's a cool game.
Nice, I like the hilt on this one it looks a lot more like the kingdom key. Thats the same way i did my hilt and put that ring on the hilt. You should get yellow and silver tape and make that either Mickey or Sora's Key, I recomend Mickeys cuz i dont see many of thos and i linke his
Wow that's crazy. Before you even posted your comment I was talking to my mom about getting yellowish gold and silver spray paint to do Mickeys keyblade. I guess we both really like mickeys keyblade. When I paint it I will do an instructable on that. <br />
Yeah to late for mine, although i could cover it with yellow tape i like it like this, actually im makin an instructable on my Keyblade right now
Awesome i finished the Keyblade tutorial
that was fast.<br />
Yep and its up
I know I already saw it.
cool. it was kinda hard to do cuz i didnt have the supplies to make it
yeah. Oh by the way, I got the spray paint to do mickeys keyblade. I am going to paint it tomorrow. When I do, I will make an instructable.&nbsp; <br />
Or you can put a picture of it when its painted at the end of this instructable, and then make an instructable on it
Yeah, I think I will do that.
yeah cuz you should always do what i say :)&nbsp;now go smoke and rob banks and kidnap children :)
go get me $20
awesome do it now
NO lol
BUT&nbsp;I&nbsp;WANT&nbsp;IT NOW!!! (whine)
MOM!!!!! Try DAD!!!!!
really? wow yo learn somethin new every day :)
YOU&nbsp;THOUGHT&nbsp;I&nbsp;WAS&nbsp;A&nbsp;GIRL!!!!!!!!!&nbsp; =(
NO! i just said that :)
I'M GONA&nbsp;HURT&nbsp;YOU. Oh wait, I'm talking to you on a computer. SO&nbsp;I&nbsp;WILL&nbsp;HURT&nbsp;YOU&nbsp;WITH&nbsp;WORDS!!! lol jk
Oh No! (if this wasnt on the computer you would hear the sarcasm in my voice)

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