How to make a ninja hood out of a t-shirt

video How to make a ninja hood out of a t-shirt
I will be showing you how to make a ninja hood out of one t-shirt
mysss2 years ago
"this video is private." which makes this instructable pointless.... o_O
Jujitsu-Man4 years ago
Ahaha, nice. Good work, kid. It was very clear.

PD: I reccomend you to visit my second inscrutable, it's about nunchuks, the favourite weapon of a good ninja!
What's the name of this song?
onlyonebowman (author)  Aburame Shino5 years ago
i cant remember
Sounds like Creed?
D: Remember! Use the Fawce!!1!2!!!one!
dude..give me ur t-shirt....seriously...NOW! lol nice 'ible nice shrt!!!
onlyonebowman (author)  drummonkey926 years ago
i got it at good will lol
sweet. this may prompt me to try out one of the printing methods on this site lol

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