Picture of How to make a ninja star
Hi guys I am going to show you to make your own metal ninja star
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Step 2: Marking out the star

Picture of Marking out the star
Draw a line vertically a horizontally so that the lines meet exactly on the centre. One center meter (0.4 inch) down each end of each line make a mark and then draw a line from the mark to the corner for each one. And drill 5mm (or near enough) holes where the arrows are pointing on the picture (make sure you get rid of the burs).         

Step 4: Grinding time

Picture of Grinding time
Grind the stars so that they it sharp. (You can use a file if you don`t have a bench grinder. But i`m lazy )

Step 5: Your done

Your done test it out but be careful with your new ninja star and don`t use it inside I have seen these go through the wall have fun but be safe.