Introduction: How to Make a No-sew Tutu

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How to make a no-sew tutu

What you need:

12 yards of tulle
wood board with o-rings (optional)

Step 1:

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In order to construct a no-sew tutu, you must start by pre-cutting your tulle fabric into strips twice the length that you want your tutu.  The width is less important but somewhere around 10 inches is good.  Also, keep in mind you will need about 12 yards of fabric to make an appropriately fluffy adult size tutu.

Step 2:

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Cut a piece of ribbon to the size of your waist plus plenty extra on each side to tie it closed.  I recommend affixing to a long wooden board with o-rings so that the ribbon stays taut.  You can tie loop knots so that it is easier to untie when you are finished

Step 3:

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The next step is to take two or three strips of the pre-cut tulle and fold the bunch in half, using your index finger to place over the ribbon.  It is important that all you loop the pieces in the same direction so that the knots face the same direction on the row.

Step 4:

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Using two fingers, fold the loop of the fabric over the back of the ribbon and pull the two pieces through from the front.  This is the basic of this technique and every person will find their own best way to do it depending on hand dominance and preference.  Just remember to do each one the same.

Step 5:

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Pull the knot taut (this is where a firm attached surface comes in handy) and then slide the piece over to meet the piece before it so that all knots face up.  Aside from the no-sew benefit, this method allows you to use as many colors as you want and also produces a every fluffy tutu! The more you squish the loop knots together, the fluffier it will be.  Happy Tutu Tuesday!


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-04-10

Very simple and adorable :)

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