Introduction: How to Make a Non-profit.

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For the May edition of the Bear Essential News I wrote an article on how to start a non-profit (not published yet), I said I would make an instructable on how to start your very own non-profit. So here it is, also check out my podcast (the CAPCadet podcast) and subscribe if you want more fun howto and miscellaneous podcasts.

Step 1: Number 1)

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You will need a cause, someone to give all proceeds to. For example, my non-profit is a charity that helps those who can't afford the Civil Air Patrol, Young Marines, Naval Sea Cadets, Boy scouts, girl scouts, etc.

Step 2: Number 2)

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You will need a donor, someone who gives you money to give to your cause. I am currently looking for some donors, if you would like to help, e mail me @

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You will need a partner, someone who helps you collect money, or gives you money. My partner goes to my school and his name is Dillon. I would like to thank him. We are going into the Air Force Together and I am joining the Civil Air Patrol because of him mostly.


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