Step 16: Finish Neck and Sleeve Edges

Use the single fold bias tape to finish the back neck edges and sleeves. To do so, first trip seam allowances on sleeves and neck to 1/4 inch. Next, open out one of the folded edges of the bias tape and pin it to the right side of the edges (shown in the first photo). Stitch along the fold. Turn bias tape to the inside of the garment and pin in place. Stitch in place close to the other folded edge of the bias tape (shown in second photo). (Note: If you do not want visible stitching on the outside of the dress along the sleeves and back neck, you can slipstitch the bias tape to the inside.)   
Nice dress! This is a really well done dress and instructable. I think you'd be a strong candidate for the Burdastyle contest going on right now. It ends on June 12. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you so much, aimeee. I appreciate the positive feedback and hope you'll give the dress a try!

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