For this book you will recycle cardboard and use other easy to find items to create a neat looking, usable notebook. *Thanks for the Vote*

Step 1: Materials

You will need to gather the following materials:

-Interesting cardboard box (cereal box, or like my example a Pocky biscuit stick box)
-10 sheets computer paper or what have you
-White glue
-Sharp craft knife or utility knife
-Steel ruler
-Thread and needle
-Cutting mat or appropriate surface
-Hockey tape or other strong fabric tape
lol, I did this too, though I didnt know there was an instructable!
Jude R. Watson? you are the maker of 39 clues 4!!<br />
Sadly I am not!<br /> <br />
awwww man
or are you some one else...<br />
Make sure to vote, I would greatly appreciate it!!
This is awesome. I've made 4, and learnt mistakes from each one. I used the covers from university prospectuses as they had cool designs.
superb! even my brain could understand your instruction =D<br/>perhaps I'm going to add a touch in the cover with some old photos in my drawer.<br/>
nice, i like this!
This is so cool! I must try. You are truly genius.
Wow. Lovin' the Pocky Notebook ;)
I love Pocky!
hells yeah! pocky!
Cool. is it durable enough to possible make a flipbook out of it? 4.5 stars.
Yes, check step 7, I made a flip book movie.
Oops. Sorry, didnt see it. :P
Pocky! (5 stars)
wow very nice Love how you didnt just use glue
Very nicely done! I like the stitched spine instead of the glued back so it has some more 'staying power'.

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