Picture of How to make a notebook
For this book you will recycle cardboard and use other easy to find items to create a neat looking, usable notebook. *Thanks for the Vote*
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need to gather the following materials:

-Interesting cardboard box (cereal box, or like my example a Pocky biscuit stick box)
-10 sheets computer paper or what have you
-White glue
-Sharp craft knife or utility knife
-Steel ruler
-Thread and needle
-Cutting mat or appropriate surface
-Hockey tape or other strong fabric tape

Step 2: Create the body of the book

Picture of Create the body of the book
For this Instructable I have chosen to make a small book: 50mm square, with 42 pages.

Start by aligning 7 sheets of paper on the cutting mat.
On the mat you will need to cut 3 strips 60mm wide and 120mm long, using the ruler and sharp knife.
There should be three stacks of 7 sheets now.
*The entire book will be trimmed to size at the end*

Now fold each stack in the middle and crease it well.
Use the Needle to puncture 2 holes 15mm from each edge in the bottom of the crease.
Use two strands of thread to sew the book and tie a knot in the end.
Use 1 of the 2 holes and start threading through from the outside then back out.
Tie a stopper knot

Do this to all three stacks of paper then proceed to the next step!

Step 3: More body...

Picture of more body...
You should have 3 small book like bundles. This step will tie them all together.

Cut another strip same width but 140mm long. This will connect everything together.
Mark the center of this longer strip and place a piece of hockey tape on center.

On the center line of the longer strip where the hockey tape is, place one of the bundles on the line.
You will thread this again, the same as the previous step, but this time through the hockey tape strip as well as the booklet.
Sew the other two booklets on either side of the centered one. Keep the books tight together when sewing.

Now all three booklets should be joined.

gateon4 years ago
lol, I did this too, though I didnt know there was an instructable!
EpicZombie5 years ago
Jude R. Watson? you are the maker of 39 clues 4!!
JRWATSON (author)  EpicZombie5 years ago
Sadly I am not!

awwww man
or are you some one else...
JRWATSON (author) 6 years ago
Make sure to vote, I would greatly appreciate it!!
Paulnt6 years ago
This is awesome. I've made 4, and learnt mistakes from each one. I used the covers from university prospectuses as they had cool designs.
pluie6 years ago
superb! even my brain could understand your instruction =D
perhaps I'm going to add a touch in the cover with some old photos in my drawer.
makeme126 years ago
nice, i like this!
This is so cool! I must try. You are truly genius.
StoryAddict6 years ago
Wow. Lovin' the Pocky Notebook ;)
Emsaid6 years ago
I love Pocky!
yourface1016 years ago
hells yeah! pocky!
Cool. is it durable enough to possible make a flipbook out of it? 4.5 stars.
JRWATSON (author)  Tape-structable6 years ago
Yes, check step 7, I made a flip book movie.
Oops. Sorry, didnt see it. :P
Coliflower6 years ago
Pocky! (5 stars)
wow very nice Love how you didnt just use glue
MrsPost6 years ago
Very nicely done! I like the stitched spine instead of the glued back so it has some more 'staying power'.