How to Make a Note Passer


Introduction: How to Make a Note Passer

Note passers are for fun. NOT FOR TESTS. I will teach you how to make one out of a pen.


Step 1: Step 1

First take the hole pen apart.

Step 2: Step 2

Now all you need is the ink cartridge with the green thing for now.

Step 3: Step 3

Now take the ink carteridge and put it aside. Use the green thing for the top of the pen. This will give you more room.



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    Try to use the "Macro" setting on your camera if you have one. It will take better close-up pictures. Thanks!

    i meant the pen thing cuz i want to make it reall bad but i cant see

    who ever made the comment thing needs to explain the directions more spacificly and needs to take less closer pics its really blury im not tryin to be mean just tryin to help

    that picture is REALLY BLURRY!!! I'D LIKE TO MAKE THIS INSTRUCTABLE BUT I CAN'T..CAUSE IT'S BLUURY (take a better picture and post it)

    I don't get it! Hey look at my way of making one....... it's my first instructable.

    i tried this

    u should try to finish it

    i have a holiday inn pen too!!

    lol, theres a guy at my school that sells "magic dust" in pens like that.

    I agree with kiteman the instructable just stops... great idea though!!! < _ >

    lol me amd my friend use it at school

    ooh, just like my pen safe!

    cool. but it might be weird to pass a pen back and fourth a lot lol... ;-(

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    Me and mi GF and her friends use a twink pen. You stick the note under the little flap thing that you use to put to thier shirts. No1 ever figures it out.

    This doesn't feel finished... you've opened the pen, now what? Just stuff the note in?

    it works better if you use a click-pen and just wrap the note around the ink cartraige. cause if you get it stuck its not that easy to get back out