How to Make a One Shoulder Dress in 2 Minutes





Introduction: How to Make a One Shoulder Dress in 2 Minutes

About: Learn how easy is to design your own clothes! The best Do-it-yourself videos on the web! Join me :D

In a few steps you can make a dressy one shoulder dress! Perfect for a night out or a dinner party with friends! Enjoy these last days of the year! xoxo



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    ur a frekin genius, how did i not think of that? Thanx sooooo much!

    I Love this Dress. Do you have any ideas on where I might find good prices on fabric and i would love to know what type of fabric this is

    I think I'll make this dress for the dance I have coming up.
    What kind of fabric did you use...?

    Only one word can describe this dress... EASY! Thanks girl!

    all your dresses are amazing and your vids are easy to follow thank you for insparing me im 12 so i have a while to practice

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    thanks for your help this help because im a biginner sewer

    I love it!! You are very inspirational! Thank you!