How to make a Ottoman of plastic bottles.
I am not responsible if you sustain any injuries because of this build.

Step 1: Preparation

The tools you will ned to complete this are very simple:
Hot glue
hot glue
Weights (to make sure the bottles don't separate when you try to glue them together)
10 one liter plastic bottles
1 two liter plastic bottle

I can't figure out which side is the top, is this upside down? <br>Ottoman = footstool....can we get a photo of it in use, and another photo with the optional drink holder function?
ummmmmm i might sound stupid asking this, but, whats an ottoman?
Love your idea as a recycling project or what to do with all those annoying plastic<em><strong> bottles. Do you think you could make a bed for the house or a float for the pool?</strong></em><br/>Treehugger<br/>
You can wrap duct tape all around it - it makes it look better. Nice idea - I have tons of these bottles!
A neat idea, but a couple of suggestions: the upper bottles look like they would splay outwards with any pressure, so perhaps something cinching them inwards would be useful; also, a coat of paint or other decoration would make it look more finished.
Thank you will you vote for me in the contest
It isn't I still havent finished the top and the glue fell apart, so i will complete it and update it when it is done.
It looks unfinished. A third of the top is missing and simple plastic bottles glued up with no decoration looks like a pile of trash or someone's attempt at modern art. Also it looks like this might be a bit tall and crushable. One should be able to sit on an ottoman. As for the height you must have taller chairs than I do. No offense but this does not seem like a finished project.
it is just a ottoman
what is this suppose to do?

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