Introduction: How to Make a Outdoor Fort!

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I have decided to make a tutorial of a fort in my backyard. This fort would be ideal for air soft or paintball but does have other potentials. Minimal materials are needed and are easy to find in the woods. It looks pretty grown in and is hard to spot at a distance.  So lets begin! 

Step 1: Base

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It is important to find a nice spot between two strong and solid trees for the fort but I did use a fence corner in my yard so if you do not have trees just do that. Also the base itself needs to be a triangle and strong so check it be for finishing.

Step 2: Filling in the Center

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Now that your base is complete fill in the center with sticks.

Step 3: Insignia

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now that your fort is semi done you need to mark it as your fort for my insignia I used a wooden cut out but be creative in what you use.

Step 4: Finishing

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Now place some camouflage around it so it is hard to spot and then you're done.  


StandingOnStones (author)2013-08-26

Why do you have an insignia if your fort is camouflaged? That's like having a badge that say "Undercover Agent".

zerv (author)StandingOnStones2013-08-26

The Insignia is a option not a must have you can do what every you choose but lets say you pant balling with more than one team you do want to know what the base is of is you are doing something else just don't put one.

megustatrains (author)2013-08-12

lol neat :D cool for an airsoft/ nerf/ lego or knex gun fight :D more votes to you :D

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