Picture of How to make a paintball silencer
####I am not responsible for any injuries deaths or felonies you cause with this device.#######

Well, I basically took this idea and ran with it.
I updated it and fixed where he left off. It works well and its fairly light depending on what kind of PVC you use.
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*1* Pocket knife

*2* PVC slightly larger than your barrel

*3* PVC 1" larger than your barrel

*4* 2 PVC reducers that fit your PVC

*5* Drill with a dremel bit

*6* Paintball marker

*7* Cotton balls

*8* Black plastic spray paint

*9* Sand paper

*10* Hammer

*11* PVC cutter

*12* Hacksaw

Step 2: ASSEMBLING (part one)

Picture of ASSEMBLING (part one)
sile 028.jpg
sile 002.jpg
sile 005.jpg
sile 006.jpg
Take your pocket knife and cut out that tiny ridge that keeps the pipe from going deeper into the reducer. Next, take the hammer and knock the reducer a good distance down the pipe. When you get the perfect position, move on to the next step.

Step 3: ASSEMBLING (part 2)

Picture of ASSEMBLING (part 2)
sile 008.jpg
Firmly grasp your PVC Cutter and begin cutting the tube about 1" from the reducer. Make sure it is as straight as it can be, if not it will affect your accuracy.

Step 4: ASSEMBLING (part 3)

Picture of ASSEMBLING (part 3)
sile 010.jpg
sile 011.jpg
Take the drill and equip the smallest bit possible. Now, take the pipe and remove it from the reducer. Next, CAREFULLY drill about ten holes in a straight line, twist the PVC and repeat. Do this about six times.

*as I said before, be very careful when making the holes, our bit broke and sent a tiny peice of metal hurdling towards me and stuck in my arm.*


Picture of SANDING
Take your sandpaper and wrap it around a stick. Shove the pipe over it. Move the stick up and down thus sanding the inside of the pipe.

Step 6: Cutting the pipe, again

Picture of Cutting the pipe, again
sile 018.jpg
Measure the larger pipe and cut it slightly shorter than the smaller pipe in the reducer. If it is too big pull the reducer further back on the smaller pipe, if its too small, vice-versa.

Step 7: Stuffing

Picture of Stuffing
sile 020.jpg
sile 021.jpg
Take about 20 cotton balls and tear them in half. Then shove them between the two pipes by any means necessary.

Step 8: Painting

Picture of Painting
sile 023.jpg
sile 024.jpg
sile 025.jpg
sile 027.jpg
Take the silencer and put the second reducer on it. Then, put it on a stick and paint it black. Let it sit overnight then WHAM-MO! you have a beautiful silencer.
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imducky981 month ago

i found 8 airsoft BB's XD

TheZacmann10 months ago

a silencer is only illegal if it can be connected to a real firearm that you own, so if that is so, then if it is permantly attached or, will be damaged by removing it, then will be legal. I've made my own from the plastic of a ribbon spindle a pill bottle and some random metal scraps.

Unluckily for all you people talking about how this is ilegal this conts as supressing for a air cannon based weapon (when using hpa tank) or supresing for a co2 expansion weapon and is completly legal do to how its designed and made
ilpug2 years ago
All the legality arguments aside, this is a paintball gun.
Real silencers use vented barrels and a system of baffles.
The attached cross-section design is a much more efficient design than what you used, and will work better and take up less space, as it can be extended back along the barrel in order to save space. It can also be a smaller diameter of pipe than what you used. Go grab a cheap barrel some time and see if this design works better. I reccomend using a cheap barrel because you have to drill a lot of vent holes in the barrel itself. This is kind of a non-removable design, so it is more of a silenced barrel variation. Note the slanted inward front- that helps it catch as much escaping gas as possible.
silencer ible.jpg

How many suppressors do you own?

A suppressor is under federal law is a FIREARM. If you make one even for a paintball marker you risk major fines and 10 years in jail.

Atf rulings right here for you who think they know the law.

Unless you have a letter form the ATF saying your design is NOT a NFA item OR you have a form 1 or form 4 for the item then your gonna go to JAIL when caught.
I was aware that they were illegal, but I had not read the actual literature on that. Thanks for the link.

I used to own a silencer I made for an Airsoft pistol that I saw on this site, from cheap plastic pipe. Frankly, I don't care. I am aware of the law, and I am aware that it applies to me, and I am further aware of the fact that if I am caught I will be punished. I am also aware that some people may think less of me for making a silencer for a low-powered Airsoft gun. Still don't care.

Thank you for your concern. If the above graphic is illegal or needs to be censored, by all means flag it. Just consider the fact that there are many websites where you can find fully detailed instructions on how to silence all kinds of real firearms effectively. I have seen many movies that also show methods of silencing guns, there for any person to see. The above graphic is something that I thought up in about two minutes and drew on MS paint. I did it for the benefit of paintballers who want a silencer.

Also, thanks for your double post, but I heard you the first time.

How many suppressors do you own?

A suppressor is under federal law is a FIREARM. If you make one even for a paintball marker you risk major fines and 10 years in jail.

Atf rulings right here for you who think they know the law.

Unless you have a letter form the ATF saying your design is NOT a NFA item OR you have a form 1 or form 4 for the item then your gonna go to JAIL when caught.
NInja996 years ago
A real silencer has holes in in it. =]
ilpug NInja992 years ago
A real silencer does not have to have holes in it. Depending on the design, there may be vent holes in the barrel, or not. Usually silencers use baffles to catch escaping gas.
MrAngryPants (author)  NInja996 years ago
Step four, I drilled holes into the inner wall of the suppressor.
but the picture at the beginning and end doesnt look like theres holes in it
MrAngryPants (author)  NInja996 years ago
The holes are on the inner wall. that way the outgoing gas can escape through the holes and disperse through the cotton.
rotinom6 years ago
Just as an FYI, if you live in the US, these are (generally) not permitted. You'll need to get a Class 3 tax stamp, pay $250 to register it, get permission from your local police department, etc.. This is because it is essentially no different from a silencer for a real firearm. Just something to be aware of, because it's a federal crime. Felony. Bad business all around. Otherwise, nice work. I'm assuming that the PVC pieces were not glued together, because otherwise splatter & everything would be a royal pain to get out. Also, you'll need to replace the cotton balls every so often. You may want to try very fine mesh steel or stainless steel wool, and check the performance. It'll be a bit more durable, but you will have the rust issue to contend with.
120012 rotinom4 years ago
 exactlly : FIREARM is considered anything that uses a primer and a flammable source to push a object out of a barrel like an air rifle they have silencers that work on them but no tax stamp. SO THERE FORE THIS IS LEGAL.
and Co2 isn't flammible? okay, go throw some cans in a fire and watch from a safe distance with barriers around the fire, co2 is very flammable in the form used in paintball, and its explosive as all heck
ilpug Someguy442 years ago
CO2 is what is used in FIRE EXTINGUISHERS.

Co2 it self is NOT flammable it has no oxegen in it wich fire needs to live so there for Co2 would put the fire out it is the fact that the canisters are pressurised ...and a FIRARM means anythin that uses a primer and a flammable source W/ Combution in the chamber. to expel a projectile
Well, CO2 has oxygen in it, however a chemical reaction would have to take place to release the O from the C
wow ok then....ummm i'm pretty sure your referring to an occasion where you put a paintbal CO2 cylinder in a campfire. If it blew then it wouldn't be because the co2 burned but where the gas molecules got all excited from the heat and the pressure became to much. immediately after the blast the fire probably died down, right?
kutz Someguy444 years ago
dear jeezus lord CO2 ISNT FLAMMABLE xD
lol Co2 is used in fire extinguishers. :\
iriyejm 1200124 years ago
Sorry; It's the device not the "weapon" it's attached to.
possession of the silencer it's self is the element of the crime.
Rotinom is correct, if this paintball suppressor can reduce the sound by even a decibel it is illegal to build in the US, if you do build this you are playing with some bad Mojo. Now its not illegal to have all the materials and plans for building a suppressor (depending on your local laws). You can even buy real firearm suppressor kits without having to pay the $250 tax stamp and getting your LEO to sign off, as long as you do not assemble the kit (or materials for a homemade suppressor). The moment you do you have committed a felony if you haven't went through the whole process of registering it with the ATF and getting the LEO permission. BoxHard further down from Rotinoms post you ask if this would actually work on a real firearm, the short answer is yes, i am not going to go into the long answer but lest just say it involves some modifications to the materials.
What if you live in Canada?
I had quickly looked into this and it looks like were out of luck too. Apparently the mere fact that someone could adapt it to a gun make it illegal here. If anyone has a video of a 50 cal (near the right diameter) firing through this, please post it so i can see the silencer explode...
I know it's been a crazy long time since you posted this comment, but on the show Sons of Guns, on the Discovery Channel, they DID silence a .50 cal sniper rifle.

Look it up.
I watched that episode a little while ago.

Notice the major differences between the two. Red Jacket used machined aluminium (most likely aircraft grade like the 7075 alloy) that, if done right, could hold up to very high pressures (like thousands of psi depending on wall thickness) were as this one is made out of PVC witch is only rated at around 90psi. PVC is also relatively brittle so an impact such as the gun firing would likely destroy it before it even muffles a single shot. As an added bonus, when pressurized with a gas, PVC has a nasty habit of exploding into shards like glass.
There are no laws against the ue of silencers in New Zealand..
Once again someone who has no understanding of the laws in the USA giving BAD/ WRONG advice. First as I have already stated there is no 250.00 dollar tax stamp! There are two denominations a 5 dollar and a 200 dollar. Suppressors require a 200 dollar stamp I have a pile of them. You do not need permission form your local pd they juts have to sign off your not a bad guy of course folks like me who have a NFA ( national Firearms Act ) trust do not need to get the local le to sign anything nor do we need fingerprint cards.

Almost EVERY state allows suppressors and Machine guns.

It is not a class three stamp!! It is a tax stamp. The person who sells NFA items much have a FFL ( Federal Firearms license) and to sell NFA items they also require a SOT ( Special Occupational Tax ) these like the FFL come with different numbers that determine what they can do IE sell make or import or combination of.

In short a suppressor without a tax stamp is ILLEGAL if it can be adapted to a firearm. IE the models of airguns with suppressors made onto them are not illegal and require no stamp.

IF you are at all unsure or are not dealing with a FFL SOT then go to ATF.GOV and submit your question to them. The majority of answers here are blatantly wrong. The fact is not doing it right can get get you a felony on your record Jail time and a major fine to boot. Make sure your doing it legal BEFORE you even think about building one. EVEN A PART of a suppressor is illegal to posses without a tax stamp in hand.
I say i have a right to make stuff and do with it as a will as long as it does not hinder anyone else right to life, liberty , and pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of happiness from winning a round of paintball with me can and will be denied =}.

You just have to play the constitutional rights card and I didn't hurt nobody but myself when i was poking holes for my paint suppressor so don't tread on me Uncle Sam! And Come and take it ! (no don't actually...)
officially, they are called paintball "markers" not guns. They are used in a recreational sport which is about as illegal as baseball or football. Making a silencer is like drinking a gatorade meaning, it gives you the upper hand for about...12 seconds...
i'd say that they give no upper hand at all
You know that was a joke xD
if i didnt think it was a joke i'd have been more butthurt
actually they are not illegal because you can buy barrels that silence
BOXHARD rotinom6 years ago
Another thing to try would be stolen from auto muffler designs... fiberglass.... I really like the build though, nice idea. I may build one to play around with... I would think this would be considered more of a novelty though wouldn't it? I mean do ya really think ya need to register a pvc paint ball silencer? I don't know, just makes me wonder though...
rotinom BOXHARD6 years ago
Unfortunately no. Search the internet for "paintball silencer" and you'll find forums who forbid talking about it, and lots of discussion on the fact. Sad, but true. I believe the tippman (a paintball marker manufacturer) has banned mention of them in their forums, just for that reason.

Found this, which is further discussion on PB silencers:

Kids, don't go to jail :-)
This looks cut and dry to me. As silly as it might sound to some, making a silencer that works on a paintball gun will also make it work on a real gun; therefore, it's illegal and you shouldn't do it. Once again, I think we have another instructable where the staff of this fine web site should use some good judgment and remove this one. It's one thing to have "free information" and another to condone information on how to commit a crime.
i would also have to disagree, this silencer would fail quickly if used on a firearm. the reason being the flash would not only melt the PVC but also ignite the cotton balls. Therefore, it will not work on a firearm.
LOL! If you read instructables, I can only *assume* you'd have the skills to produce this with metals instead of PVC. Besides, it'd be easy to make several "disposables" too. It also depends on the number of rounds you plan to fire- preferably just one with this model.
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