Step 8: Painting

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Take the silencer and put the second reducer on it. Then, put it on a stick and paint it black. Let it sit overnight then WHAM-MO! you have a beautiful silencer.
rotinom7 years ago
Just as an FYI, if you live in the US, these are (generally) not permitted. You'll need to get a Class 3 tax stamp, pay $250 to register it, get permission from your local police department, etc.. This is because it is essentially no different from a silencer for a real firearm. Just something to be aware of, because it's a federal crime. Felony. Bad business all around. Otherwise, nice work. I'm assuming that the PVC pieces were not glued together, because otherwise splatter & everything would be a royal pain to get out. Also, you'll need to replace the cotton balls every so often. You may want to try very fine mesh steel or stainless steel wool, and check the performance. It'll be a bit more durable, but you will have the rust issue to contend with.
120012 rotinom5 years ago
 exactlly : FIREARM is considered anything that uses a primer and a flammable source to push a object out of a barrel like an air rifle they have silencers that work on them but no tax stamp. SO THERE FORE THIS IS LEGAL.
iriyejm 1200124 years ago
Sorry; It's the device not the "weapon" it's attached to.
possession of the silencer it's self is the element of the crime.
BOXHARD rotinom7 years ago
Another thing to try would be stolen from auto muffler designs... fiberglass.... I really like the build though, nice idea. I may build one to play around with... I would think this would be considered more of a novelty though wouldn't it? I mean do ya really think ya need to register a pvc paint ball silencer? I don't know, just makes me wonder though...
rotinom BOXHARD7 years ago
I like the fiberglass idea. I do know that commercial firearms silencers use a metal mesh, like steel wool. They also have "wet" silencers which use grease, mixed with the muffling material, and are typically smaller in size than the "dry" silencers. For those who may legally do so, check out traditional silencer design for ideas.
rotinom BOXHARD7 years ago
Unfortunately no. Search the internet for "paintball silencer" and you'll find forums who forbid talking about it, and lots of discussion on the fact. Sad, but true. I believe the tippman (a paintball marker manufacturer) has banned mention of them in their forums, just for that reason.

Found this, which is further discussion on PB silencers: http://www.scribd.com/doc/357071/atf-ruling20054

Kids, don't go to jail :-)
naw14836 years ago
I want to know how you attach the suppressor to your paintball barrel so that it lines up and does not kill the accuracy of the marker? It looks like if it was bumped or jarred even a little it would not stay in alignment.
MrAngryPants (author)  naw14836 years ago
Well, at almost the end of my barrel, there is about two inches of barrel that is bigger than the other parts. Its kinda hard to explain, but it looks like * and fits very well on that piece.

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Rolla7 years ago
didn't work 4 me at all
slimguy3797 years ago
I made one of these but I think its to front heavy but hey if it works for you thats all that matters