Step 15: Attaching the Wings

Picture of Attaching the Wings
The wings are now finished!

Next I asked Helpful Mike to hold the wings up and mark on my back with a pen where the hooks and the string at the bottom of the base board lined up. I then made three loops the same as I did for the hinges but straightened the legs out so that they looked like omegas. Mike covered the ends of the wire in tape so they weren't sharp then taped them on to my back with Duck tape in the positions he marked with the pen, with the loops sticking out horizontally.

I had previously checked I wasn't allergic to the tape by walking around for a day with a bit on my arm under my t-shirt.

Extend the taped area to reduce the chance of it coming off. Make sure the tape doesn't extend beyond the edges of the backplate; you can body-paint it if it shows a bit.

For the rest of my costume I wore white sunglasses, white Converse, white Ted Baker trousers and Mike and Matt helped me cover myself in white body paint. This took 2 1/2 hours for me to be happy with it. The hairdresser gave me an Elvis trim and back-combed my hair for me.

I had a great time at the ball; loads of women wanted their photo taken with me and at one point I had to run away and hide in the toilets.
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lpitcher10 months ago
Excellent Instructable - I'll be following this for an upcoming photo-shoot with a pair of black and a pari of white wings.
charmens1 year ago
Wouldn't it be cool if you added hooks along the top of the wood, then run a string from the tip to the back, that way you could pull on the string and open them discreetly without touching them. or maybe a spring and latch that allows the wings to open and close. i used to do that trick when creating toys in class.
acoleman83 years ago
If i wanted to could i change certain parts to make them into demon/angel wings? You know like one wing is like a red bat the other your angel wing design.
BM135 years ago
My stars these are AMAZING! I have a small question though.... You have how to attach them onto your back....but what about on clothing? I use duct tape with alot of things, and I quickly learned that duct tape doesn't stick to clothing very well..... What would you suggest I do for clothes? *I'm not going to cut a hole in the back so the wings will pop out attached to my back. The dress I'm using is way too nice for that XD I'll stick things on it, but not cut it.*
try double sided tape. it will hurt like crazy if you use it on your body tho. we used it to tape a plastic sheet over the old windows in our house. when we tried to pull it off the window, it ripped the plastic (thick stuff too) DID you do it?
This Reminds me of Maximum Ride a series im going to read after thelighting thief
super good book!!!!
you mean series? cuz there's more than one. all of them are good.
I'm making wings to look like Fang's because I'm going to a literary diner party.

krishna19994 years ago
so how did u feel befor u made them
Gnara4 years ago
Wings are friken ammazing!!! i want to make a holloween costume with wings, and an old sweater. i want to cut slits in the sweater and have the wings come out of it
Just out of curiousity, I know this is really old so I really hope you can actually get back to me, I need to attatch these WITH a Twill/Duck Cloth jacket. Any suggestions on how to do this?
n00b0014 years ago
Wait, Wait, Wait... Quote: "...loads of women wanted their photo taken with me and at one point I had to run away and hide in the toilets..." - you must be crazy dude, "run away and hide" xD I'll go to my next rave with three pairs of these on, see who is the babe magnet then *thumbs up*

Very good make.
I love maximum ride, and these wings are kind of what i'd imagine the kids' wings to be like. cool instructable!
I love this tutorial, it inspired me to make my own wings for a costume I am wearing in about a week's time. Question though: is it more difficult to use shorter feathers than the ones you used?
carya555 years ago
Did you use anything to get the duck tape off your back at the end of the day? Even sports tape tends to take bits of skin off me when I remove it so I'm a bit worried about using duck tape.
JBCBlank5 years ago
I love these I am so going to make some of my own, a bit smaller perhaps but still... I will make me white ones... and then Black ones... and then another pair of White ones for battle purposes XD I am going to love this... the only thing I ask is this. could you run well with them? oh and, when you lifted the wings did they stay up without you holding them?
efuston5 years ago
I would love to make a black pair and just walk around town with them open.
How did you make them be able to spread open? Did someone have to help you open them? If you covered this in the instructable, i apologize that i missed it.
Meragness6 years ago
bravo! this is so beautiful! i think it would be a little bit cooler if you forgot about the body paint because it looks really good without the paint. great job! did you do this completely without trial and error?
I agree actually; it looks great with the body paint, but without the body paint it just looks REAL.
natachak6 years ago
How long did it take you to make the wings
He said at the beginning, about 70 hours
fash185 years ago
I love the wing...its so nice..and aim craving on it..I want to have wing..
Seanzee6 years ago
about how much did it weigh when finished? how did it feel on your back as well? very cool to say the least