How to Make a Pair of Converse Your Own





Introduction: How to Make a Pair of Converse Your Own

How to customize your own piar of converse, want to be different from others? you want design your own shoes?

Thick paper,
zacto knife,
cutting board,
Spray paint or paint,
pair of converse shoes.

Step 1: First Take of Laces

take of the laces to not mess up thier perfect state.

Step 2: Make a Stencil.

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make a stencil of a design you like. Make sure it's the right size for the shoe.

Step 3: Try Out the Stencil

Get the stencil and try it out on a different piece of paper to see if you like the ending result.
You can paint over it, sray paint over it.

Step 4:

glue the stencil to the side of the shoe you want it on with a glue stick. And carefully paint over it. You may want to rest the shoe on a sturdy surface.

Step 5: Ending Result



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    Love it!!!! Great job Aramado!!

    Love the elephant, thank you for a super cool instructable.

    cool! i knew it! i'm gonna try this. great instrustable! i'm gonna try to make the bones of a wolf or something.

    if you did/do make a wolf did/can you take a pic?

    cool good luck.

    Love the stencil so much

    what types of paints are there?

    Oil, acryllic, latex, watercolors. Probably others as well. I would guess watercolors wouldn't work too well. I see where spray paint is used to test the stencil. Is it also used on the shoes?

    yeah but i used paint that is used to paint a room on the shoe

    WOW! At first I thought it was just an ugly stencil elephant.. But now I see it, it's an elephant's bones. Pretty cool.