Materials List:
Blue Flece  (blanket from Ikea £5)
Brown Fleece (blanket from Asda £2)
Polysyrene Beads (£3 from Hobby Craft for more than enough beads)
Brown and Blue/white Thread
3 Inches of sew in Velcro or other sutible fastning.

I wanted to make some proper latex Lekku like the excellent Pam at Pam' Twi'lek Creations but I don't have the facilities at home so I went with what I know and sewed them.

This was all guess work, not really working from a pattern and only really drawing upon a pattern for a jesters hat.

The hat is filled with polystyrene balls so its really cozy.

(Needless to say I do not own rights to this, I have nothing to do with Lucas Arts and this is simply a bit of fun and I won't be selling them or profiting in anyway.)

Step 1: Measure and Cut

The measurements you need are: Around your head from the nape of your neck to the front of your forehead (tophead), around your head over your ears (roundhead) and the length you want your Lekku (LL).

My roundhead is 60cm. My tophead is 40cm. My LL is 80cm.

Once you have that you can mark the shapes then cut them out.

<p>I used your tutorial and guestimated a bit on what I needed (as well as kinda jumped around with the build (my seam goes up the back middle)<br>I feel like this tutorial inspired me to make my favorite pair of fleece lekku</p><p>This is how they cam out (had to restuff after the orange photo as I had them sitting too high)</p>
<p>this tutorial looks helpful, but it most certainly is not. I went out, bought materials, which she does not specify as to how much fabric you'd need, and ended up with not enough. Please add more detail about that EXACTLY you're measuring, and what is being drawn into the pattern.</p>
It took me a full minute of staring at your last photo to realize the half moon pieces are pulled out of the hat. I kept trying to figure out where that 'extra' piece of fabric was coming from XD.
I am def. going to make one of these before winter this year.. I wear Aayla as a costume, and it'd be fun to have this as a hat too! I need to remake my lekku, and I might just use your basic fleece pattern when I do that - my costume ones are cloth - spandex.
Um my friend and I seem to be having issues with your measurements. We are confused as to which ones go where on the pattern. Help!
This reminds me of a hat I saw on deviantART, but you took this amazing idea to a whole new level of awesomeness by adding the the headband and laces on the Lekku. Good work! <br /> <br />http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2010/217/1/2/Twi__lek_Hat_by_Allyson_x.jpg
Their hat is probably more wearable on a daily basis though!
Very true, unless one lives in a town full of Star Wars fans!
you look absolutely nuts in that hat
Um...thank you? :-)
This is AWESOME! I'm totally going to make myself one. Thanks for sharing!
that is so sad, and yet somehow i would wear it.
I know, I'm such a loser! But...I'm a loser with a warm head! :-D To be honest though, so far, this is an indoor hat. :-)
i would wear it outside with pride! :D
nice! yay to making up your own patterns, that's how the best stuff is created:)
It is fun to make up patterns but I would love to see the day Vogue or Simplicity release Lekku patterns! :-D
I'd probably buy more of their patterns if they did!
Oh.. I am so making these when I can get myself to IKEA. Blue fleece. Lekku eared hat. I'm so there. &lt;3 Thanks for the tutoriaaal!
Glad to hear it! I think its buy one blanket get one free in Asda at the moment too. Have fun!

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