Make a Cheap Pair of Glasses With a Magnifier Loupe Lens


Introduction: Make a Cheap Pair of Glasses With a Magnifier Loupe Lens

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Buy one of this from Ebay:

Take a pair of 3D glasses (If you watch 3D films/movies you probably have a lot of them at home).

Take the measurement of the height of lens (in the middle of the frame).

It should be around 36mm.

Step 1: Removing the 3D Lens From the Frame

It should take 3 sec. Just pop the lens out of the frame.

Step 2: Removing the Holder From the Loupe Lens

Even this operation should take no more than 3sec.

Step 3: Using a File Make 2 Notches Exactly in the Middle of the Frame

Take a rounded file and create 2 notches in the frame of the glasses.

Step 4: Position the Loupe Lens And... You Have Your Magnifying Glasses for £0.99



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    I have a visor binocular magnifier. I bought it at a yard sale. Though new they're pretty cheap too.

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    Well 20X. The binocular magnifying visor I have is only 1.8X, and 2.3X. I only ever use it on 1.8X too, because at 2.3X I have to be about an inch away from something for it to be in focus. Just about twice as big is big enough for me. 20X? What are you doing that you need that high magnification? A dime must look as big as a pizza pie at 20X.

    Well, first my Loupe lens is 15x, secondly try to reach my venerable age still working on an Arduino Nano and you'll see why you need this high magnification.

    I see. Your link lead me to believe you have a 20X loupe. Because that is what it says. I can empathize with losing sight as you get older. That started happening to me about 17 years ago now. But before I need 15X magnification I think I'll pack it in with whatever I'm up to over here.

    Let's summarize to avoid any confusion.

    In my project (and for my use) has been chosen the 15X Loupe lens on sale on Ebay at £0.99.

    The magnifying glasses on sale on Banggood (the link was in my reply) are 20X and were just chosen to show you how much the glasses eventually would cost.

    This is exactly what I needed!

    Good idea. I will make it.