How to Make a Paper 3-D Shuriken


Introduction: How to Make a Paper 3-D Shuriken

Hi. There are a lot of instructables that show you how to make a paper shuriken. But how many show you how to make a 3-D shuriken?

Step 1: You Will Need...

Tape, Scissors, and 2 post-it notes.

Step 2: The Basics

Step 1: fold both of your post-its in half.
Step 2: fold your post-its in half the other way.
Step 3: fold your post-its so they make a triangle.
Step 4: Ditto, except the other way.
Step 5: Cut in four places.

Step 3: Taking Shape

Step 6: fold in the sides you just cut.
Step 7: repeat on all sides.
Step 8: (Optional) cut either a square hole or a circle hole in the middle of the stars. As you can see, the shuriken, hence the title, is taking shape.
Step 9: place one side of the shuriken in the other. fold the flaps over and tape.
Step 10: repeat on all sides.

Step 4: And You're Done!

This was a very easy project to make. If you want the shurikens bigger, use a normal 8x11 sheet of printer paper.



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    Woah that was soo easy. Usually I'm terrible at oragami/kirigami.....

    worked perfectly. I nailed my bro in the chest with em'. So annoying.