Picture of Gryphon origami
Well this is my first instructables. Many complains about this one is too hard. So I try to fix it and make it more simple. And this is the result. I think this one is better than the previous. Some steps are the same, but i remove the big open-sink fold.
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Step 1: : Materials

Picture of : Materials
All you need is just a square sheet of paper. I recommended 21 x 21 cm papers. Colors doesn't matter. In this model, I use plain paper.

Step 2: : Preliminary Base

Picture of : Preliminary Base
Step 3.JPG
Step 4.JPG
Step 5.JPG
First fold the paper to half. Then, fold the paper half again. Lift one of it's layer and squash fold. Do the same on the other side. And you're done with the Preliminary Base.

Step 3: : Model's Base

Picture of : Model's Base
Step 7.JPG
Step 8.JPG
Step 9.JPG
Fold up the layer of the Preliminary Base. Do the same on the other 3 sides. So it's looks like a Waterbomb Base. Then lift one of it's layer and do a squash fold. Do on the other side ( Not all of them)

Step 4: : The Hardest Part

Picture of : The Hardest Part
Step 10.JPG
Step 11.JPG
Step 12.JPG
Step 13.JPG
Pull a layer down. Well, this is the hardest part, I hope you have a lot of patience. Pull it gently. When it's half-pulled, tuck the corner. The fold it down. (This is really confusing, honestly).

Step 5: : Repeat

Picture of : Repeat
Step 15.JPG
Step 16.JPG
Step 17.JPG
Step 18.JPG
Fold down the leg. Then lift up the leg, fold down again and fold back. Do it on the other sides. ( This will take a few minutes, I hope you have a lot of patient )

Step 6: : Making the Legs

Picture of : Making the Legs
Step 20.JPG
Step 21.JPG
Step 24.JPG
Step 26.JPG
After you finish them, now fold up (just like when you're trying to fold a bird base). Then gently pull the legs (as shown in picture) and let it spread. Then valley fold to the right. Do it on the other three legs.

Step 7: : The Main Base

Picture of : The Main Base
Fold to the left, then squash-fold. Petal-fold up then fold down. fold to the right. repeat on the other side. Fold down then valley fold.
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lee.leyang.505 months ago
'Can you please tell me how to do the hardest part? I don't know what you'r saying.Can you please tell me how to do the hardest part? I don't know what you'r saying.'
here's some advice: use origami paper or color one side of the paper, It make it easier to see what you're doing.
 Yeah, those double sided paper are rare too find in my country. So i must go to another country to buy it. Hey! You play Pokemon? Me too! I'm playing the new Pokemon Melee Scramble on Wii
Hey, I'm from Indonesia too! Except I'm terrible at bahasa. . . Well, anyway, why don't you just color one of the sides? It should be able to establish some sort of clarity between the two sides.
hi guys you might find it weird but i have all the pokemon ds games and i am an only child.oh,i'm a girl fyi.
Thergox3 years ago
I think I did it right. . .
Addampapper3 years ago
someone who can made it, can d a video or anything else to the others?
eulaliaaaa!6 years ago
Nice! I could make this thing easily. Of course, I have been doing origami for years. Great job!
dude your awesome, can make a video?
w1l50n1404 (author)  eulaliaaaa!6 years ago
Wow, that's great! You know people usually can't make this origami cause it's too complex! Haha!
Addampapper3 years ago
Have a video?
Why didn't you upload photos with a little better pixels :( it'd be easier with high quality pics.. But thank you anyway :D
paco56786 years ago
man you make it hard to under stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are really bad!!!!
you shouldn't say that! don't you think it'll make him feel bad?
don't you have a heart?!
w1l50n1404 (author)  spark163 years ago
That's okay, I'm getting used to it, lol
w1l50n1404 (author)  paco56786 years ago
*sigh* I guess this IS a really hard project! I guess I must need more training on my project to make it easier.. Sorry, if this project's to hard for you. Je regrette, monsieur!
hrodriguez73 years ago
I'm prety good at origami(i'd hat to be a @#$%) but I don't relly get it.
hrodriguez73 years ago
is step 4 realy necesary?
bobbubbles4 years ago
this step is harder than the hardest step :(
you are so right
cornrun6 years ago
you could make the instructions clearer. im normally really good at following instructions.
spark16 cornrun3 years ago
I'm good at following them too. usually.
spark163 years ago
yayyy!i actually got through the hardest part!
dseville4 years ago
It is so hard
Oh wait it is easy in step 4 or 5 anyway thanks
omgcutie24 years ago
Awwww... I couldn't get it :(
w1l50n1404 (author) 4 years ago
Okay, since everybody's complaining, I bought a new SLR camera, so I'm gonna revise all of my projects, please be patience
tom9784 years ago
i don't understand the second picture of step 4 can you change it? please
Really bad-qualitypictures...can't see what I need to do...
Considering that it looks as though the author is trying to fold with one hand and hold a camera steady with the other, these really aren't bad at all in terms of _quality_. It would be nice if they were a bit bigger so that the details were clearer, but for their size they're pretty sharp.
bobbubbles4 years ago
yay i did it
its kind of like...
just foldit downwards outwards and work from there :D
trker4 years ago
Maybe you could add a video? pls
can you make a better illustration of step 6 please?
w1l50n1404 (author)  origamimaker1234 years ago
Im trying to find a easier way though it's going to use creases
thhis step is rly hard
ldkv6 years ago
cheap man
w1l50n1404 is not a cheap man
ked19974 years ago
Ive made it before but it was really hard
luxrey244 years ago
I don't know how to do page 2
w1l50n1404 (author) 5 years ago
I've made it more easier, well I think it's better than the old one.
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