This is a little paper space ship and it does not take much skill. The level difficulty is between Easy and Hard. But other than that the results should be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Folding

Just follow the pictures post comments if you need help (sorry kind of tired)

Step 2: Done

Your done!!! Do whatever you want
i can help you do this just add me at YM and ill show you in my cam eheheh i remember this paper spaceship im making like this when i am small heheh, add me up brytchristian@yahoo.com
i give up
stuck at 13
I still don't get it hm... how is it a box shape now?
lost at step 7
did u cut to make the wings???
ok i made it to 16 but photo 17 i got lost, now i am done !help!
yea you know i am just completely lost, TO MANY CREASES
sorry i am lost on the 7th photo, but i am still trying. next time dont use the paper that has all of the creases in it, that makes it hard to folow!

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