Picture of How to make a paper cube
I will show you how to make an origami paper cube in less than 3 minutes. These paper cubes are really fun to make! After you finish making the cube, you could also try putting a LED inside the cube to make awesome lighting effects! Credit for the LED in the cube goes to gorillazmiko.
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Step 1: Beginning fold

Picture of Beginning fold
All you need is:
A piece of paper
Something that will cut paper

First, you just do a simple fold (shown in the photo).

Step 2: Cut the paper

Picture of Cut the paper
Cut the paper along the line to make a square.

Step 3: Unfold, fold

Picture of Unfold, fold
Now unfold the paper and you will have a square. Then fold it the other way.

Step 4: Mountain fold

Picture of Mountain fold
Now fold the sides in as shown in the photo. This is called a mountain fold. Then fold it down as shown.

Step 5: Yay! More folds!

Picture of Yay! More folds!
Next, fold the bottom corners up to the point at the top. But only on one side.

Step 6: Two more folds

Picture of Two more folds
Fold the two sides in so that the tips touch the center.

Step 7: Tuck in the flaps

Picture of Tuck in the flaps
Fold down the two flaps at the top. Also notice that there are two slots that you can open near the center. Tuck the flaps into the slots.

Step 8: Now the other side

Picture of Now the other side
Now repeat steps 4 through 7 on the other side. You are almost done!

Step 9: Blow! Blow! BLOW!

Picture of Blow! Blow! BLOW!
On one of the ends you will notice that there is a hole. I bet you are so tempted to blow into it, right? Well then blow, blow, blow!
But wait! There's more!

Step 10: Crease

Picture of Crease
Notice how the edges are round? It doesn't look good. So what you should do now is crease all of the edges to finish off the cube!
I've been making these for over 20 years. There is a step missing between steps 3 and 4. You need to crease the paper in half one time, as well as creasing corner to corner twice.
k2iran2 years ago
im a master of making this cube bombs!!

fill it with water and booom!! :D
This is a really cool way to make a paper box! Way easier than how my friend explained it. "Uhh, now you fold here, no you don't. You fold here, but that doesn't look right. Umm hold up, wait for just a second..." Haha! It was HILARIOUS! But thanks for the tips!
interesting design and good looks but I think I have a better idea of cube that can hold its shape, I think ill post it this weekend. great instructable btw!
In Japanese they call these "Kamifusen" which means "Paper Balloon".
flamingice3 years ago
if you dont crease the edges you can fill it with water through the hole and then you have a water bomb
Pfarmkid3 years ago
I wonder if you could make a hot air balloon out of it
cc673 years ago
nice instructable. you know, you can fill the hole with water and drop them to a floor (or enemy if youre really angry at him).
pdmitri3 years ago
tnx for the steps,i done a great job with it,but its all crumpled,but that's the way i go,hahahaha
pdmitri3 years ago
my favorite part,haahaha
pdmitri3 years ago
i have used it in a project of mine,and many others want to learn it too
fduerr13 years ago
50 years ago we used to make water bombs with this design. They, indeed, hold most any liquid of the paper is water (or ?) proof. What we did with the water bombs is another story.
SirBishop3 years ago
The detail looks easy. Will comment on the finished qube later.
dubeadri5 years ago
HOW THE HELL ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO THAT???? i do not understand one bit... lol.. make it easier next time
Yeah, I think 2/3 of my edges didn't even have lines to crease on when I started this step. It was looking pretty good before I creased, but now not so much. But I'm clumsy like that I guess. :D
Fizzy11Fatz4 years ago
sweet ill do dat 1 day
snork87204 years ago
Thanks, I used to make these when I was a kid, forgot about them, til now, and will be teaching my cousins when I see them later. hehehe

One suggestion: instead of steps one/two, because I was really confused as I started with a square paper, being just cut the paper, maybe next time you could say start with a square paper and if you don't have one, --insert step 1/2
Sweet... Thank you sooooo much. I have been in need of something like this!!!
Ghost-129855 years ago
I was completly lost a step 7 Do you think you could make it a little bit easier?
Radobot6 years ago
This is a cool and easy tutorial How make paper cube with one paper square!
This is really easy!!!
amin0016 years ago
wow nice way to make a cube
ublind6 years ago
Your fold in step 4 is actually called the water bomb fold, some Chinese kids fill those pockets with water and use them as water balloons.
adirtyshame6 years ago
really nice and easy ... and after blowing it to the cube, fill it with gas from a lighter, set it on fire (on the hole) and you'll have your own party-rocket =)
Arbitror6 years ago
I like the water bomb idea
Shadow Dragon (author) 7 years ago
Does anyone like it?
You missed the last two steps: 11. Fill it with water at the drinking fountain, and 12. Throw it at the girl with the pigtails.
Arbitror jdege6 years ago
i do but only because its simple althought there is some bad points... its not tight enough and you dent tell us what it can be useful for
I do. Awesome job. Looks pretty easy to do, and nice pictures. Maybe you could add in an LED, then it'll be like the "Awesome led cube" Instructable. Great job! +1 rating.
Shadow Dragon (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Thanks for the idea! :D I think I might try that right now. :)
Shove an LED in there for an LED cubie.
stuffman3667 years ago
i make these out of deli wrap then fill them w/water and lob them at people +1
At Liberty7 years ago
I've been lost at step six. Could you kindly elaborate on how I go about the folding in step 6, please?
You should have the two flaps at the top/bottom and fold the ones pointing to the left and right to the center, so they touch.