Step 2: Making the Initial Folds

First, you need to fold the top corner (doesn't matter what side you do first) down till you stop about 3/4 of the length of the paper. Do the same with the other corner until you get two nice creases.

<p>Made it after a little struggle at Step 4. In Step 4, you are opening the triangles you just made so it is like a pocket. Then you can take the corner to make it into a square. The final result is solid, even without using tape. It's a bit small, but perfect for what I needed.</p>
<p>wow now i know origama</p>
Done, super easy super fast when I was in need of an envalope in a hurry. A little bit small but it is just the size I need.<br>Thanks!
<p>Sorry. Step 4 is just impossible.</p>
<p>yes it is</p>
I got stuck at step 6 for a while, but then i kept folding it here and there and figured it out xD
<p>what i dont get it </p>
I think i did it right..?<br>And nice try with tutorial you did way better than i ever could
<p>Awesome and fun, thanks.</p>
<p>I do realize step 4 sucks, and I'm sorry for that.</p>
I regularly make and fold stuff and this tutorial literally just pissed me off. You skip steps and it's hard to hell how you got where the next step is. I was annoyed when pretty much after step 4.
I made this &quot;instructable&quot; when I was 12. Yes, it sucks, but I will not take time out of my schedule to improve it. Either suffer through the poor tutorial and hopefully make it out with an envelope, or move on to some other tutorial. I'm not wasting my time on this, there are way more important things to focus on.
<p>Just what I was looking for, thanks, had some strugle with step 4 but worked it out :)</p>
The end result is amazing. I was able to follow it, but I think that's because I have done some origami before. <br> <br>I think it could do with a little more detail, especially at steps 4 &amp; 5. <br> <br>If people get stuck, maybe do some of the easy pieces at http://www.origami-instructions.com/ as many of the folds are similar. <br> <br>But as an envelope, this is the best one I've seen.
Thanks for the positive feedback! I realize that this instructable is pretty hard to follow at some points. I have been taking new pictures and will update this tutorial in the next week or so. I hope that it will make things more clear for everyone! :)
Hi could you explain this step in a bit more detail please?
Well you lost me at step 4
Tell me how this works out for you. :)

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