How to Make a Paper Gun AUTOMATIC





Introduction: How to Make a Paper Gun AUTOMATIC

this is my instruction on how to make my kinda uzy FULL AUTO or SEMI. by keeping blowing in its auto and if you just blow stop blow stop it will be semi.

this gun shoots about 6-15 feet. and haves like about 76% accuracy.

Hope you will have fun snd mske s psper gun war with all my paper guns i osted or that i will post. PLZ RATE ty.

Step 1: Tube

make this ...

Step 2: Make This..... for Look

make this..... for the look and hole for clip, + the clip holder.

Step 3: The Clip

Make the clip.... so it will be semi or full auto.

Step 4: Finish Product or Last Step

well do this and you should be able to use your gun xD happy shooting if you have problems go see next page and comment on it.


if you have problem shooting plz let me a message or comment here. here some things to check first.

- your paper spring is to much big and strong. This will cause the bullet to not move at all.

- your paper spring isint' long enough. this will cause the bullet to not rise up.

- your bullet are too big. won t t fire

- your bullet isint big enough. this will cause the bullet to not have air compact.

- idk =_=



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    hey my name is jimmy and i been tryin this for years i still cant figure out how to do this can u plaese send my one of these because my cousin wants to have a pee shooting war but i dnt have a pee shooter can send this guns to me i really need it

    all boys are born with one

    you can make an easy pee shooter out of just a pen tube and put some airsoft bbs in your mouth and blow (it shoots hard)

    Mine doesn't fire at all.

    Really IT'S PAPER DUCK WTF!!!!!!!

    can you make a video