How to Make a Paper Gun





Introduction: How to Make a Paper Gun

This is my ol' paper gun. I have been making these since the third grade, and I have had a lot of fun with paper gun wars.

This is my first non-knex gun, so a lot of regulars will like that.

Unfortunately, My paper gun does not shoot any ammo (common sense?), so thats a con...

It resembles a double-barrel pistol/revolver if you do it right, and It doesnt take a lot of materials to make.

The pic quality isnt that great, sorry for that part....

A lot of you guys have been complaining that this was in books. I did not see this in a book, someone taught it to me in the third grade.

Step 1: Materials.

The 2 materials:

  • 2 sheets of paper
  • masking tape (not shown)

Step 2: The Handle

This will take one of the two sheets of paper, so this is it:

pic one- fold the sheet of paper hot dog style.

Pic 2- curve it like so and add tape

Step 3: The Barrel

The other sheet will make the double-barrel

Pic 1- roll up the sheet diagonally

Pic 2- fold the roll in half

Step 4: Final Assembly and Mods

Pic 1- slide the barrel into the handle

pic 2- another view

Pic 3- the mod

Pic 4- add tape



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    i made it and mine turned out different


    Check out my paper guns

    Does it look like It can shoot? This is paper.

    your so rude hes just askin a question

    He was asking a question which has a ridiculously obvious answer. Questions like that kind of annoy me. Also congratulations on replying to a comment almost 2 years old.

    I agree with theswordninja, a gun made of paper can shoot ammunition if made right. A lot of them just use blowgun mechanisms, but mine (instructable coming soon) uses rubber bands. A tiny one can fire up to 15 feet!

    OK lolz. I thought there was a mechanism in it or something...