Introduction: How to Make a Paper Mario Block

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Have you ever tried to make a game diorama and failed becuase you can't draw? well lucky for you i have made this.

Step 1: Getting the Image

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Take this image and print it off

Step 2: Finishing

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Once you have cut out all of the corner bits then fold it into a cube.
Now this is the tricky part if you are going to put it on a wooden cube cut the image into squares. And stick each square to each face of the cube and glue it there.
If it is only going to be used once put "blu-tac" at each of the folded cube corners but leave only one un blu-taced and fold it into the body. When you have finished carefully pull the folded corner down blu-tac corners. Hope you like this and if you do please give me some feed back.

Step 3:

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All hail  Petty officer Master chief John-117


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